China Needs to Be Stopped ASAP

As per former Ambassador-at-Large for Global Freedom of religion Sam Brownback, the West demands a bigger Cold War against communist China.

The New Cold War

Brownback told EpochTV’s “CrossRoads” show “one of the things going on right now is we’re heading into a Cold War attitude towards China. We need to combat them with the same vigor with which we confronted the Soviet Union during the Cold War.”

“Right now, we’re in the very same boat. Only, I believe China is a more formidable foe than the Soviet Union,” Brownback continued.

Brownback stated he adores China and the Chinese people and he has a Chinese daughter in his home. He did, however, condemn the Chinese government’s violations of human rights in Hong Kong and the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

The Communist Party of China (CCP) arrested over a million Uyghurs in Xinjiang, according to the Trump administration. They perpetrated “mass murder” and “human rights violations” against Uyghurs and other groups.

The CCP is also said to have utilized prisoners of guilt, particularly Falun Gong practitioners, as living donors for forced donor organs, which Brownback described as “nearly inconceivable.”

In response to human rights violations in Xinjiang, the Biden government announced a formal boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Dec. 6.

Politics Isn’t Enough

The political boycott, according to Brownback, simply does not work. “It’s not far enough for me. However, I believe it is a significant step forward.”

He said, “I’m delighted they’re doing it.” The Biden administration, on the other hand, has often referred to China’s government as a competitor, rather than an adversary.

“I’m not sure if [the Biden government] would term it a Cold War as I have,” Brownback added. “I believe we just have to keep building it and then building the cohesion of us as the United States and the civilized world to stand against the Chinese.”

That is the ticket we must now complete. We must enlist the help of Europeans and other freedom-loving countries. Finally, in the developing world, we had to battle for Africa.”

“This is where the Chinese have gone to grab commodities, buy people off, and gain power.” Brownback added he maintains such a strong stand against communism since he has witnessed the ills of the system.

“It’s the same battle.” Brownback explained, “We just acquired a tougher opponent. It irritates me, and I’m in a situation to do something about it.”

“It isn’t about the Chinese people, as I already stated, one of my children is Chinese, and I adore her. I am a huge fan of the Chinese people. They’re fantastic individuals”

“Yet, this regime, this atheistic, communist, authoritarian administration led by Xi Jinping, a Mao-like dictator, is now the wrong choice for their country. It’s incorrect. Period. It’s definitely not good for the world.”