China Threatens America with War Over Taiwan


On Monday evening, Chinese tyrant Xi Jinping (who oversees the world’s biggest prison camp network) vowed to “burn” U.S. President Joe Biden if he backed Taiwan’s democratically elected government.

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The much-anticipated meeting is over

As per Chinese state news organizations, Xi referred to Biden as an “old buddy” during a virtual chat that spanned over three hours. The call took place on Tuesday morning in Beijing and Monday night, DC time.

This revealed the Biden government’s urgency to mend relations with the Chinese, according to the communist group’s Global Times. Xi intimidates Biden on the matter of Taiwan, a sovereign state China mistakenly thinks is a wayward “province” under its control, according to Chinese accounts of the meeting.

According to China’s Xinhua News Agency, Xi informed Biden if opposition forces for “Taiwan autonomy” prompt China, their hands are tied and they will be obligated to take tough steps.

“Xi highlighted the current wave of hostilities throughout the Taiwan Strait,” Xinhua wrote. “He also attributed the difficulties with the Taiwan authorities’ persistent attempts to get US support for their independence program, as well as the ambition of some Westerners to use Taiwan to limit Beijing.”

“Such maneuvers are exceedingly risky, like playing with fire,” Xi explained. “Anyone who messes with fire gets burned.” Xi’s comments come after a report in the Global Times (a Chinese state propaganda publication) that the president’s top priority in his talk with Biden was “restricting” Taiwan.

Taiwan will have to fight for its independence

Taiwan’s democratic government is completely independent of Beijing. The island has never been administered by the People’s Republic of China. Taiwan, unlike authoritarian China, is a democratic and free country.

The US does not acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty because doing so would result in the abolition of all diplomatic relations with China. Instead, it employs a strategy known as “strategic ambiguity.” This entails sticking to a set of statements – such as “there is only one China” – that do not specify the US’ position on the island.

Biden has frightened Beijing over the last year by making strange statements claiming America was obligated under the treaty to support the Taiwanese government against a communist takeover.

Biden stated in August America had a “holy commitment” to protect Taiwan, in the case of an assault, and he repeated the statement in October. Biden has frequently equated America’s connection with Taiwan to its ties to NATO.

This is a defense pact whose members are bound by contract to attack each other if one of them is attacked militarily. Biden’s comments have been quickly retracted by the White House each time.

On Tuesday, the Chinese Times reported Biden withdrew his support for Taiwan.

“The two countries maintained their divergent positions on the most contentious Taiwan issue. The United States stated its traditional ‘one-China policy,’ but Biden stressed the US does not favor ‘Taiwan autonomy,'” according to the propaganda agency.