China Threatens to Kill Nancy Pelosi If She Goes to Taiwan

The government of communist China entered into a new phase of direct aggression against the United States of America.

It has openly threatened to shoot down the plane Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may use to visit the self-ruling island of Taiwan, which would most certainly result in her death.

China Overstepping Tremendously

The latest vicious threats out of Beijing came on Friday after President Joe Biden held a two-hour-long telephone conversation with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. The latter threatened that America would “burn” if it supported openly Taiwan.

That is according to the account of the conversation published by Chinese state media, whereas the brief readout released by the White House didn’t even reveal the threats.

Unfortunately, instead of reacting strongly, Biden appears to have tried to appease Xi with some toothless diplomatic talk about “resolving our differences peacefully,” and so on.

Taiwan, a prosperous democracy of 23 million people on an island close to the Asian mainland, has never been part of Communist China, i.e. the “People’s Republic of China.”

The communists in Beijing are especially furious over the prospects that Taiwan may decide to declare officially its independence.

That is why they see a visit by House Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan as highly problematic; they believe it would help legitimize Taiwan as a separate, independent nation.

As Pelosi recently said she was planning to visit Taiwan, China protested so furiously through diplomatic channels that it literally caused Biden to tell her not to go.

‘Shoot Down’ Pelosi and Her Fighter Jet Escorts

The threat was expressed through an author of The Global Times, an English-language propaganda mouthpiece of the Chinese communist regime, which typically writes and speaks what the regime thinks.

Hu Xijin, who is a commentator at The Global Times, wrote on Twitter that if Pelosi goes to Taiwan and is escorted by US fighter jets, that would constitute an “invasion” of China by America.

He said it would justify the People’s Liberation Army (i.e. China’s military) to shoot down the House Speaker’s plane and its escorting aircraft.

Hu insisted if there are warning shots against Pelosi and potential American military escorts, and they don’t turn around, the Chinese would just have to “shoot them down.”

Earlier on Friday, China’s Foreign Minister, Zhao Lijian, declared America has to be ready to “bear all consequences” of a potential visit to Taiwan by Pelosi, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Zhao warned if the House Speaker actually goes to Taiwan, that would cross a “red line” drawn by the Chinese government.

Speaking in Washington, DC, on Friday, John Kirby, the national security spokesman of the Biden administration, declared the Department of Defense doesn’t see any evidence of a direct military threat by China.

He argued there is no reason for the Chinese and the US to exchange military “blows” because a potential Pelosi visit to Taiwan does not change America’s policy towards the island and China itself.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.