China Throws Huge Temper Tantrum, Threatens America

Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier this week for a few photo ops and to tell them America stands with them against China.

This made China furious and their threatened response is now happening; they have cut off key bilateral relations and started firing around missiles in the region.

According to China, America is threatening world peace and trying to “strangle” them as they did to George Floyd.

What’s behind China’s response and why does it care so much about Taiwan? Let’s take a look.

China’s Temper Tantrum

China cutting off most communication with the United States is a fairly big step. They wouldn’t be doing this if they felt truly intimidated by the Biden administration or Pelosi’s visit.

Beijing is testing Washington’s resolve because it saw the way nothing was done to prevent its ally Russia from invading Ukraine. China has been watching as America’s power wanes and other rival powers once again vie for power.

With its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and alliance with Pakistan and Russia, China hopes to increasingly shut America out of South Asia and put pressure on places like South Korea and Taiwan for being pro-American.

It’s worth noting China still has basic diplomatic ties with the US. China is only halting all cooperative work of fighting climate change, sharing military information, and fighting drug trafficking.

There are already more than enough deadly, Chinese-made drugs pouring into the United States from every direction; so whatever they were supposedly doing to fight that isn’t going to be missed.

As for climate change, China has gotten away with murder, while America and Europe have consistently self-flagellated as if they are the only ones to blame.

As for military ties, China is one step away from attacking our ally in Taiwan. It has been stealing American intellectual property for years now and spying on our elite research institutions and research and development.

Cutting off military ties of any kind is long overdue.

China Slams Pelosi’s ‘Vicious’ Actions

According to China, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s short visit to Taiwan was “vicious” and intentionally aimed at backing them into a corner. Taiwan, meanwhile, says China wants to destroy its democracy and is straight up “evil.”

Ongoing Chinese war games are now taking place around Taiwan; it has launched numerous ballistic missiles around and through Taiwanese airspace.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is saying this is a very significant “escalation” and he’s correct. American aircraft carriers in the area are monitoring and the situation is far from calm.

Though it would be a mistake to think China will back down easily. At the same time, it would be an error to see their anger as justified. This is a communist regime that harvests organs and sends minorities to slave labor camps.

This is a regime that literally kills protesters for not liking it, while whining about George Floyd and pretending to care about black Americans for political clout on the world stage.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.