China Unleashes Shocking New COVID Data

In recent years, China has made headlines for how it’s chosen to handle COVID in its nation. The communist country infamously put in place a “Zero COVID” policy that was designed to make the virus non-existent among its people.

As part of this policy, China banned folks from leaving their homes, going to grocery stores, or even spending time outdoors. People in China were forced to adhere to very strict rules that much of the world views as violations of human rights.

Yet, despite these stringent measures put in place by China, the nation is far from being at “Zero COVID” status. In fact, new information released by the Chinese government reveals that its COVID rates are significantly high, despite its stringent measures, per Hot Air.

What to Know About COVID in China

China’s health officials have estimated that about 250 million folks nationwide came down with COVID just during this month alone. Furthermore, the data suggests that just this past Tuesday, 37 million Chinese citizens were COVID-positive.

Since China is no longer conducting virus tests on a regular basis, there are questions about where this data is coming from. Nevertheless, it certainly aligns with previous reports of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members suffering shockingly high COVID rates amongst themselves and health officials.

At the rate things are going, China looks to be having a worst bout with COVID than much of the rest of the world. This is now leading to questions about whether or not other nations could impose travel restrictions against China as a means of protecting themselves against this virus.

A Cautionary Tale

On social media, folks from all over the world have been weighing in with their thoughts about what China is experiencing at this time.

Some people believe China’s lack of natural immunity to COVID is due to stringent measures taken under its Zero COVID policy.

Folks with this theory believe that the lack of exposure which most people had to this virus blocked them from being able to build antibodies and gain immunity.

As a result of this, China is being spoken about by some individuals as a cautionary tale of what not to do. At the end of the day, even the most stringent measures failed to eradicate the virus and return China back to its pre-COVID self.

In the meantime, people living there are still suffering and dealing with the fallout of mass COVID cases clogging up healthcare systems and more.

What do you make of the problems that China is facing these days? Do you believe the country’s “Zero COVID” efforts were a success or a failure? You’re more than welcome to share your candid thoughts with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.