China’s Xi Threatens to ‘Burn’ US in Strongest Threat Yet

Xi Jinping, the dictator of communist China, issued probably the most serious threat against the United States so far, namely, that America will “burn”

He said this in a telephone conversation with President Joe Biden, who seems to have kept quiet.

Expansionist Chinese Stance Towards America, Taiwan

Tensions have been running high between the United States and the increasingly aggressive communist dictatorship in China.

Probably the most prominent issue in US-Chinese relations, however, is the fate of Taiwan, formally “the Republic of China,” and an informal US ally.

Chinese President Xi keeps threatening to use force in order to “unify” Taiwan and China. As his ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in February, there have been concerns that Xi may use that in order to invade Taiwan.

Most recently, Chinese communist leadership has been riled up by the plans of Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker, to pay an official visit to Taiwan. Such a move is seen as legitimizing Taiwanese independence.

Biden Makes Hawkish Gaffes, Now Conciliatory

President Joe Biden has been using a conciliatory approach towards Beijing; he even recently stated that Pelosi shouldn’t go to Taiwan to avoid angering the communists.

On Thursday, however, Biden’s appeasement towards China reached a new high – or low. Xi Jinping apparently threatened he would “burn” America if it supported Taiwan’s independence.

Sleepy Joe appears to have failed to react in any self-respecting, forceful manner whatsoever.

Biden and Xi held a two-hour-long telephone conversation on Thursday. According to Chinese state-controlled media, it was during that call the latter said to the former that if one plays with fire, one “will get burned.”

That was apparently an impudent, highly aggressive threat to the United States because of its support for Taiwan, a vile vow on China’s part to target America.

The vicious threat, however, was nowhere to be found in the brief press release about the Biden-Xi conversation published by the White House.

Instead, the release revealed Sleepy Joe engaged Xi with a toothless remark about how America is opposed “strongly” to “unilateral efforts” to change the existing situation or “undermine” the peace surrounding Taiwan.

A comment about the conversation with Xi posted on Biden’s Twitter profile seemed ever more toothless, mentioning “deepening the lines of communications” and “responsibly managing differences.”

The US policy towards Taiwan since the 1970s is leaving Beijing guessing as to whether America would come to Taiwan’s aid in the event of a communist attack on the 23-million-strong island.

Interestingly, through his frequent gaffes, Sleepy Joe suggested thrice so far that America will certainly defend Taiwan, forcing his administration to backtrack his blunder.

In any case, even as they were gaffes, those statements made more sense, compared with Biden’s newly appeasing attitude when he was apparently threatened by Xi.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.