Chris Cuomo Lands a New Media Job After Sacking From CNN

For years on end, Americans knew Chris Cuomo as one of CNN’s top news anchors. Coincidentally, Cuomo is also the younger brother of now-former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

When the older Cuomo faced sexual misconduct allegations from multiple women, his younger brother at CNN stepped in.

Cuomo used his media connections at CNN in order to do some digging into the women accusing his governor brother; he then shared his findings with aides close to the then-governor.

This was eventually all found out, thus leading to Cuomo’s firing from CNN. Now, the former news anchor is back with another media job, according to Washington Examiner.

What to Know About Cuomo’s New Media Gig

Chris Cuomo’s work as a NewsNation host will begin this fall. In public remarks, the ex-CNN anchor said he wants to work in media that has more “insurgent” leanings, rather than enmeshing himself in “the big game.”

NewsNation has an audience of roughly 75 million Americans and also released its own statements concerning Cuomo joining their team.

According to the media publication, NewsNation is a “fact-based” program that’s received support from watchdog groups for sticking to the facts and leaving out opinions.

NewsNation then confirmed that Cuomo is joining their team and expressed that his work with them will ultimately lead to more Americans getting the facts about what’s happening.

Unfinished Business With CNN?

Months ago, the nation learned of Cuomo bringing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against CNN. Cuomo argued that he should have been paid the rest of the wages within his contract.

However, CNN argued that due to the nature of Cuomo’s firing, it was under no legal obligation to pay out the rest of his contract.

This lawsuit still remains ongoing as Cuomo confirmed during a recently publicized interview with NewsNation. The former CNN anchor also indicated that he wasn’t at liberty to discuss the particulars of his lawsuit against CNN.

The interview with NewsNation also oversaw Cuomo’s insistence that he never used his media contacts to run defense for his big brother. Instead, Cuomo claimed he spoke with various folks in the media, but only in the same way that he always has.

Nevertheless, CNN begs to differ, hence Cuomo’s scrapping from the network. In the weeks and months to come, the outcome of Cuomo’s lawsuit against CNN remains to be seen.

Judging from the terms of Cuomo’s contract, there is a very real likelihood that he won’t end up getting the money he would have received, had he worked for the rest of his contract.

What do you think about NewsNation’s choice to hire Chris Cuomo, despite the nature of his departure from CNN? Let us know in the comments area what you think will come of Cuomo’s lawsuit.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.