Chris Wallace Unleashes New Criticism Against Trump

Across the nation, Americans continue to have debates about politics and the appropriate directions to go regarding various issues. Thus far, it’s clear that much division remains and coming to a unanimous consensus on anything these days is fairly rare.

Because of this, there’s a battle of the wills happening not just between Republicans vs. Democrats, but also within right-wing and left-wing ranks.

On the right, there exists some support for former President Trump. This is made clear in his rallies and the various Republican candidates who largely campaign upon Trump endorsing them.

Following recent Trump rallies, however, CNN host Chris Wallace recently weighed in, claiming that Trump is going in an insidious and dangerous direction, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From Wallace on Trump Rallies

Earlier this week, Wallace spoke with political consultant David Axelrod about Trump and his influence within the GOP.

Axelrod claimed that Trump is facing accountability for corruption, thereby prompting him to take darker and more aggressive dispositions. This is when the political consultant asked Wallace about his own views on Trump.

According to the CNN anchor, Trump is in a hole, but he won’t stop digging anyway.

Later, Wallace proceeded to claim the former president has taken a dystopian tone when speaking about the United States and had his supporters doing one-finger salutes, which have been widely viewed as supportive of Q-Anon.

After these statements, Wallace weighed in on pressure that he believes Trump may be facing amid various legal issues with the FBI, New York Attorney General Letitia James, January 6, etc.

According to the CNN anchor, all of this is leading Trump to embrace a “more extreme” course that some Americans are openly embracing.

Not Surprising For Wallace

Chris Wallace has made it consistently clear that he’s not a fan of Trump. This was evident even when Wallace worked for Fox News before eventually transitioning over to CNN.

Amid his statements about the former president’s disposition and rallies, Wallace made it apparent that coverage of a possible Trump 2024 run would be loaded.

The CNN anchor later told Axelrod that Trump is guilty of “bad things” that objectively have to be covered if he chooses to make another run for the White House.

Thus far, the former president is widely expected to make a third run for the presidency; though time will ultimately tell. As the 2024 presidential election gets closer, the pool of possible GOP contenders just keeps on growing.

What do you make of Chris Wallace’s statements about former President Trump? Do you agree or disagree? In the comments area, you’re more than welcome to let us know if you believe it’s a good idea for the former president to run for office again.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.