Classified Documents Discovered in Mike Pence’s Home

According to various insiders, ex-Vice President Mike Pence’s attorney found approximately 12 documents tagged as confidential at Pence’s Indiana residence last week. The attorney has since handed the materials to the FBI.

Investigation Underway

The files and their journey to Pence’s Indiana home are now the subjects of an investigation by the FBI, as well as the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

In the aftermath of the discoveries regarding secret information found in President Biden’s personal office and apartment, the insiders indicated an attorney for Pence found the sensitive materials at the former vice president’s new property.

The finding follows Pence claiming repeatedly he did not keep any secret papers. The records’ subject matter, degree of delicacy, and classification are currently not known.

On Tuesday, Pence’s staff informed the appropriate panels and members of Congress of the findings.

Out of a sense of prudence, Pence requested that his lawyer, who has handled sensitive documents before, have his house searched.

According to insiders, the lawyer, Matt Morgan, started looking into four cartons that were kept at Vice President Pence’s home last week. Morgan discovered a small collection of files marked “classified.”

According to the insiders, Pence’s attorney promptly informed the National Archives. The Justice Department was subsequently notified by the Archives.

Pence complied when the FBI asked to fetch the marked-classified papers that night, according to an attorney for Pence who spoke to CNN. The records were taken from Pence’s house by officials from the FBI’s Indianapolis district office, according to the attorney.

In order for the Archives to assess the remaining materials for conformity with the Presidential Records Act, Pence’s team of lawyers transported the containers to Washington, DC, on Monday.

They then turned them over to the Archives.

Greg Jacob, Pence’s archivist, said in a statement to the National Archives that a limited amount of records carrying classification markings were unintentionally packaged and delivered to the vice president’s residence.

The message was acquired by CNN.

Pence Wishes to Comply

Former Vice President Pence was not aware that any important or secret papers were kept at his home, according to Jacob.

Former Vice President Pence is also prepared and ready to fully comply with the National Archives and any relevant investigation. He recognizes the critical necessity of safeguarding critical and secret material.

Based on the insiders, the confidential documents were kept in containers that were initially transported to Pence’s temporary residence in Virginia before being transported to Indiana.

As per Pence’s lawyer, the containers weren’t in a safe location; however, they were tied up and weren’t thought to have been accessed since they had been packaged. The reports claim after the classified information was found, it was put in a safe house.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.