Classified Documents Scandal Draws New Attention to Hillary Clinton

This month has seen a lot of attention directed toward classified documents and various government officials being improperly in possession of said documents.

It’s come out that Joe Biden had classified documents stowed not just in an old work office of his, but also in his home, including in his garage. The White House made all sorts of statements about these records, all designed to make the president look good.

Since this, news also emerged that former Vice President Mike Pence had classified documents at his own residence in Indiana. This, too, has led to questions about how these records ended up there. According to reports, Pence isn’t sure of it all.

Though as the nation hears more and more about sensitive records being in places they shouldn’t be, new attention is being directed towards Hillary Clinton and her own scandal pertaining to classified documents, per MSN.

Former Government Official Weighs In

John Yoo, the ex-deputy assistant attorney general, weighed in on Clinton’s infamous mismanagement of classified documents during an interview with Fox News.

It is Yoo’s position that Clinton’s errors pertaining to classified documents are of greater magnitude than those of Trump’s or Biden’s.

The former Justice Department official also explained that Trump and Biden are each being presently investigated for how they handled sensitive records that shouldn’t have been in their possession.

Yet, despite the parallels between the former president and current president, there are also some contrasts. For one thing, there are still many unknowns about Biden’s scandal and the documents in his possession.

Trump, on the other hand, is believed to have stowed away a greater amount of sensitive records than his predecessor. Furthermore, Yoo claims that there was more conflict between Trump and the federal government pertaining to documents in his possession.

What Happens Next?

In further remarks, Yoo expressed that Congress should figure out why classified documents keep ending up in the possession of federal government officials where they should not be.

On top of endorsing congressional review into this matter, the former government official likewise said the Justice Department will need to carefully probe this matter as well.

Thus far, the department is said to be looking into classified documents found in Trump, Biden, and Pence’s possession.

Though it remains to be seen what the investigations from the Justice Department will entail, whether or not Congress gets involved, and what happens to those found with these documents.

At the rate things are going, it could very well come out soon that yet another political figure was found with sensitive records they should not have.

Do you believe Hillary Clinton’s scandal involving classified documents bears any resemblance to those facing Trump, Biden, and Pence? You can let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.