Classrooms Are Hellholes of Wokeness

Teachers associations’ Marxist-inspired aim is to undermine American public education. 

In recent years, the left actively poisoned the minds of young kids with critical race theory (CRT) and sexual ideology, while academic brilliance has been sidelined. Public schools are shortchanging students. 

The Center of the American Experiment, a Minnesota research institute, estimated in February that Minnesota’s public schools will lose thousands of pupils in 2022. Why should Minnesota or other guardians send their kids to public school? 

In 2021, the number of Minnesota students meeting or surpassing grade-level requirements dropped again. Reading, math, and science performances all fell 7%. 

New York City public schools, the country’s largest, have lost 50,000 pupils in the previous two years and anticipate losing another 30,000 by autumn. 

Unproductive Spending

The COVID-19 epidemic disturbed our students’ education; they need our support to recover, said Minnesota Education Director Dr. Heather Mueller. 

In a July 2020 report called “Allergic to Accountability,” Catrin Wigfall of the Institute of the American Experiment argued Minnesota’s public schools had very little to show for years of rising investment. 

Wigfall said extra funding for Minnesota’s public schools hasn’t improved student performance or understanding. 

More Woke Educators

Consider what the Minnesota Education Department looks for when selecting certified teachers. Minnesota’s educator registration and guidelines board proposed adding proficiency requirements in 2021.

Expectations include social grouping helps students create social identities and “systemic trauma” includes racism and micro/macro aggressiveness.

They also include fully embracing identity politics, including ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious convictions, financial standing, and race.

That comes on top of connecting pupils with political activists, knowing that Minnesota’s laws subjugate by race, class, sexuality, etc. 

After lockdowns, awful online learning outcomes, mask demands, and a further deterioration in student academic achievement, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) went on strike for over two weeks in March, canceling school for 28,000 students. 

Along with higher pay, the MFT declared war on capitalism. Greta Callahan, head of MFT’s teachers’ chapter, told a rally, “Our battle is against patriarchy, capitalism, and for the heart of our city.”

AFT Head Randi Weingarten told her electors at their general meeting in mid-July that the association is working hard “on the problems keeping parents up at night.”

It’s extremely unlikely that parents who survived teachers’ union-directed closures, mask demands, vaccine stigmatizing, CRT, and the new hysteria will agree. 

Many parents are realizing public education as they know it is over. 

Action Needed

It’s astonishing what we achieved with great literature, blackboards, and pencils in our schools. Student performance has dropped as organized education and teachers’ unions have grown.

State schools no longer educate pupils for life, critical reasoning, or excellence. They won’t be taught to judge based on character, not skin color. 

All Americans must reject the woke ideology that has infiltrated public schools. Before irreversible damage occurs, we must discover alternatives. 

Some people feel we can regain control of public schools if we discontinue CRT and gender fluidity programs. Even if we succeed, the DNA of school systems, officials, instructors, and many students will be changed. 

Parents and municipal officials should make child-friendly decisions. First, pass school choice legislation. Let’s produce good education alternatives available.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.