Proof Hillary Clinton Committed Treason

According to Fox News, former intelligence committee member John Ratcliffe met with Special Prosecutor John Durham on several occasions.

He advised Durham about intelligence information to support the prosecution of “several people” in his inquiry into the beginnings of the Trump-Russia probe.

The Details

Durham’s newest filing, first reported by Fox News, claimed lawyers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign paid to “penetrate” data centers at Trump Tower and the White House in 2016.

This was meant to establish an “inference” and “story” to present to federal agencies connecting Donald Trump to Moscow. Ratcliffe supplied roughly 1,000 pages of evidence to the Justice Department to bolster Durham’s probe, according to Fox News.

However, insiders told Fox News that during his talks with Durham, Ratcliffe (a former senator and U.S. prosecutor for the Eastern District of Texas) stated he believed the papers he delivered contained “enough information” to indict “several people.”

The sources cited one crucial component of previously classified intelligence, which Fox News first revealed in October 2020, uncovering that CIA officials relayed an investigatory recommendation on Hillary Clinton.

This was supposed to authorize a plan regarding U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump, as well as Russian hackers hindering U.S. election results, as a method of distracting the general population from Clinton’s use of a personal email server.

The CIA document, also known as a Counterespionage Operation Lead (CIOL), was lawfully sent to the FBI.

Then, it was brought to the notice of then-FBI Director James Comey and Assistant Director of Counterespionage Peter Strzok, according to Fox News sources.

The unclassified memo was initially received by Fox News in October 2020.

The 2016 CIA letter to Comey and Strzok read, “The following statement is offered for the use of your agency for preliminary investigating action or lead purposes as necessary.”

This Concludes a Long Investigation

“This message contains sensitive material that could be used to identify sources. It should be treated with care, with a focus on cellular compartments and need-to-know information.”

Any investigation action taken in reaction to the material below should be discussed in preparation with the Chief Counterintelligence Mission Center and other relevant parties to avoid the reporter’s probable compromise,” the document said.

“It may not be used in any judicial matter without prior authorization, including FISA applications.”

According to a source familiar with the situation, Ratcliffe privately voiced fears the CIOL was aimed at Comey and Strzok. At this time, Fox News does not have proof the FBI initiated an investigation into Clinton’s proposal, as a result of the CIA referral.

Meanwhile, Ratcliffe released documents, revealing former CIA Director John Brennan informed then-President Obama about Clinton’s alleged “request from one of her foreign affairs advisers to discredit Trump by stirring up a story about Russian collusion.”