CNN Anchor Out After Show Cancellation

CNN hasn’t been doing very well even within the past year.

For starters, the network tried its hand at launching a paid subscription service known as CNN+. However, this ultimately went down in flames as a result of very few people actually signing up for it.

Eventually, the network decided to cut its losses and can the program altogether.

Then, many of CNN’s past and current anchors have been involved in various scandals, some of them being criminal in nature. Chris Cuomo and John Griffin, for instance, are no longer with CNN after their behavior behind the scenes came to light.

Meanwhile, the network is now in the middle of a rebrand as the new CNN CEO works to get the country to trust the platform again. As this process plays out, one news anchor has officially been kicked to the curb, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

The Departure of Brian Stelter

Stelter worked for CNN as a news anchor, hosting his own show Reliable Sources. However, the show faced the lowest ratings in June 2022 since its inception.

While CNN could have simply canceled the show and kept Stelter on in a different capacity, the network ultimately decided against doing so. Therefore, Sunday, August 21 stands as the last day his show is going to be on the air.

Stelter has since released a statement, noting how honored he’s felt to be able to host Reliable Sources during a time period when doing so was deeply “consequential.”

The outgoing anchor also explained that on Sunday, he’ll be sharing more news about his departure from the network.

Not only is Stelter out, but every single CNN employee who worked on Reliable Sources has been furloughed.

A New Day at CNN

It would seem that new leadership at CNN wasn’t messing around when it spoke about trying to rebrand the network and make it less of a left-wing opinion outlet.

Many left-wingers who like Stelter and his views have therefore criticized the network for canning Stelter and his show. Some even went on the record and said rebranding CNN is a danger to American democracy and journalism itself.

However, the consistently low ratings that CNN’s endured within just the past year alone signal that there’s definitely a demand for real change. Americans, by and large, are literally tuning out CNN.

If new leadership at the network cares about its future at all, it would be remiss for them to continue forward with a business model that’s clearly not working.

Time will tell where Stelter and other workers on Reliable Sources end up next.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.