CNN CEO Speaks Up Against the Misinformed Left

CNN’s newest CEO, Chris Licht, claims he’s been shocked by the amount of what he describes as “uninformed vitriol” the left-leaning crowd directed at him for trying to shift the network’s editorial direction.

Licht has been the target of more than a dozen liberal rants ever since he took the company over in May this year.

He’s made more than a few changes to the network’s staffing and programmatic measures, earning him a lot of buzz for taking on a centrist stance.

Left’s absurd amount of baseless vitriol leaves CNN chief stunned

This is probably why he’s been appearing in interviews with every other major media outlet in the country, trying to inform everyone of how deranged liberals can be at times, even when the matter barely concerns them.

Licht shook up the snowflakes from the very start.

He decided to change CNN’s morning lineup, pushing Don Lemon, an avid Trump critic, out of his primetime slot and into the “CNN This Morning” show, alongside Kaitlyn Collins and Poppy Harlow.

Any reasonable person will see that this is both due to the chemistry of the hosts, as well as the fact anti-Trump content has become so unoriginal that critics like Lemon and Colbert were recycling stories just to stay relevant.

Aside from putting Lemon in a more fitting spot on the channel, Licht also let go of several other Trump critics from the network; those being Chris Cillizza and Brian Stelter, whose content never had any substance, to begin with.

Licht presents CNN in a new light

Despite all the hate he’s been getting for seemingly pushing CNN in a more centrist direction, Licht has pushed back on all of those claims, stating he merely wants to offer his viewers a rational standpoint on polarizing issues in the country.

He added he’d like it if his viewers actually conversed about the topics they hear on CNN, instead of just nodding away as the network puts out yet another woke-fueled story out in the open.

What’s also ignored is the fact the economy slowing down had some impact on informative media as well. Other networks have also been forced to make some major cuts in the publishing and advertising departments.

His most controversial move at the network was shutting down the streaming service CNN+ only days after it was launched. This is a recurring pattern with modern news outlets; although Licht clarified it was for budget reasons.

In an interview with the New York Times, he said he wants CNN to be an essential aspect of Americans’ lives and he believes revenue will follow if he achieves his goals.

Unlike the rest of the left-leaning media, the CNN CEO isn’t deluded in his opinions and beliefs. He accepts he might not live up to his own expectations when it comes to running the network, but still manages to press on through adversity.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.