CNN Claims “Chickens are Coming Home to Roost” for Trump

In the wake of the impeachment inquiry, Americans everywhere have their own thoughts and viewpoints. Many people on the left are desperate for President Trump to be impeached, while other individuals have noted the lack of evidence to warrant an impeachment. The Democrats’ fantasy of President Trump being booted from the White House in handcuffs continues to get further and further away as reality sets in.

Yesterday, the panel of CNN hosts spoke about the impeachment inquiry and other controversies, such as the Mueller report, which have happened during the Trump presidency.

Political analyst April Ryan wasted no time in sharing her thoughts, as documented by Breitbart News.

An Overview on Ryan’s Statements Regarding Trump and Political Controversies

Ryan, in essence, branded the Mueller report and the current Ukraine controversy as “national security issues.” During her remarks, the CNN analyst furthermore stated that Trump’s time as a businessman prior to becoming president caused him to “ride rouge” and now he’s applying that strategy in the White House.

Additional claims from Ryan assert that the current controversies surrounding talks with Ukraine could be potentially weaponized by foreign leaders who are interested in blackmailing President Trump.

What Ryan declined to mention is the reality that everything she’s discussing is of the left-wing’s own making. Democrats are the ones who continue to accuse the president of wrongdoings, even when facts exist which prove otherwise.

This is already beginning to blow up in the left’s face, but nevertheless, Ryan’s statements read as follows:

“When you look at this president, one, people didn’t read the Mueller report. If they read the Mueller report, you would see this. So we have to go back to that to understand why he’s so upset. But all of the chickens are coming home to roost for this president. These are national security issues. He has all of this hanging over his head and any foreign leader could hold this over his head and use this to blackmail him.”

Ryan concluded her remarks by stating that Trump is in a “hot, steamy, stinky mess.”

More on Ryan’s Statements

At this time, it’s unclear where Ryan is getting her information from, as is the basis of her claims. She talks about people not reading the Mueller report, but the Mueller report failed the left-wing. Democrats fully expected for Mueller’s findings to prove that President Trump committed a crime; instead, it proved the exact opposite.

These talks about Ukraine and accusations of Trump engaging in a quid-pro-quo are just repackaged versions of the Mueller investigation.

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