CNN Fact-Checks Jon Ossoff’s False Attacks Against Kelly Loeffler

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Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff is seeking to become one of the next U.S. senators; Ossoff is currently in a close race against GOP incumbent Sen. David Perdue and Election Day is tomorrow.

Throughout these runoffs, Ossoff has taken heat for his policies, connections to the Chinese communist government, and more. To deflect from this heat, the Georgia Democrat is lashing out against both Perdue and Loeffler.

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Last week, Ossoff falsely accused Sen. Kelly Loeffler of “campaigning with a Klansman.” This is not accurate; Loeffler took a selfie with a supporter who later turned out to be associated with the Ku Klux Klan. Upon knowledge of this information, Loeffler’s campaign denounced the individual and all forms of hate.

In an interesting turn of events, CNN actually wound up fact-checking Ossoff’s untrue attack against Sen. Loeffler, reports Washington Examiner.

Fact-checking Jon Ossoff

On Sunday, CNN host Jake Tapper held Ossoff to task. Tapper noted that Ossoff “attacked” Loeffler by incorrectly accusing her of “campaigning with a Klansman.” Many Americans were surprised by this, given CNN’s well-established left-wing bias.

Nevertheless, Tapper noted that Loeffler’s campaign disavowed the individual who turned out to have links to the KKK. The CNN host then pressed Ossoff, noting that it is quite common for politicians to take selfies and photographs with individuals they don’t know. Finally, Tapper asked Ossoff whether or not he believes in politicians speaking truthfully.

Ossoff responded by alleging that the aforementioned incident with Loeffler’s campaign is not “isolated.” He then baselessly accused the Georgia Republican of routinely associating with white supremacists and waging “racist” onslaughts against Black Lives Matter.

The notion that any criticism of Black Lives Matter is racist is a notion that Democrats love to push. In actuality, Loeffler has called out Black Lives Matter for campaigning to defund and abolish police. When Ossoff spoke with Tapper about Loeffler’s remarks regarding BLM, he declined to mention that the group’s activists have called for “dead cops.”

It All Comes Down to Tomorrow

Tuesday marks the last day for Georgians to get to the polls and vote.

PAC data for early voting shows that fewer Republicans than Democrats have voted early; this means that wins for Loeffler and Perdue are contingent upon conservative voters getting to the polls tomorrow and casting their ballots.

President Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump are going to Georgia later this evening for a rally to get Sens. Loeffler and Perdue re-elected.

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