CNN Portrays GOP as Party of Racists, Bigots, and Extremists

"Don Lemon" (CC BY 2.0) by jdlasica

After the Capitol Hill riots, the Republican Party came out and condemned the incident. Conservatives across the nation noted the tragedy of what happened on January 6 and furthermore called for all responsible parties to be held legally accountable.

“Capitol Breach 3” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Bsivad

With several weeks since the violent insurrection, it continues to impact the current political climate in America. To be precise, the Democrat Party and its loyalists continue to use the January 6 riots to collectively vilify the entire Republican Party.

On Tuesday, CNN furthered this trend by stating that the GOP can no longer assert itself as opposed to extremism, racism, and bigotry, Breitbart News confirms.

CNN on the Republican Party in America

News anchor Don Lemon didn’t hesitate to paint the GOP with a broad brush. The liberal host professed that Republicans are now the party of insurrectionists, racists, anti-semites, and other bigots. Furthermore, Lemon professed that the GOP is in no position to claim that it rejects hatred and extremism.

The news anchor also took issue with Republicans who voted to convict Trump facing in-party backlash. Lemon noted that pushback against House GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger is a sign that Trump supporters have “taken over” the Republican Party; Kinzinger is one of the seven Republicans who voted for a Trump conviction last week and has consistently criticized the 45th president.

After ripping into the GOP, Lemon questioned what anti-Trump Republicans were doing when “this stuff” started to “fester” in the party.

The Current State of America’s Political Climate

The nation’s political climate continues to grow more divided and polarizing. Since the insurrection, Democrats have repeatedly stated that all Republicans bear blame. Left-wing lawmakers are also responsible for suggestions asserting that so much as questioning the 2020 election’s outcome is tantamount to incitement of violence.

Days ago, the New York Times published an opinion piece that urged for Fox News and other right-wing media outlets to be placed “on trial.” At this point, mainstream media outlets are displaying open bias towards the Republican Party and anyone with conservative viewpoints.

Many Americans heard Biden call for unity and an end to “red vs. blue” conflicts after being sworn into office; yet, the very ideologies espoused in the president’s inaugural address continue to be rejected by his own party.

What do you think about CNN openly condemning the entire Republican Party as a bunch of bigots, extremists, and racists? Let us know your thoughts on the nation’s political climate in the comments section below.