CNN: Trump’s “Army of Trolls” Will Defend Whatever He Does!

Earlier this week, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that an impeachment inquiry into President Trump will take place, Democrats jumped for joy. Progressives lauded Pelosi, stating that impeaching the president is a measure which was long overdue. However, as the celebrations died down, Democrats began to realize that an impeachment inquiry doesn’t really change much. As GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy stated, Pelosi cannot unilaterally decide to impeach President Trump.

On Friday, the hosts over at CNN discussed impeachment and previous presidents which have faced impeachment. Tapper talked about the impeachment of Nixon; however, the CNN host noted the contrasts between Nixon and Trump. According to Tapper, Nixon lacked the “army of trolls” which President Trump has.

Breitbart News reports that Tapper slammed Fox News, conservatives news sites, and other pro-Trump forces which are “already coming to [Trump’s] defense.”

What You Need to Know about the “Army of Trolls”

President Trump does not have an “army of trolls.” What the president has is an army of patriotic Americans who realize that impeachment of Trump is a farce and furthermore, it’s never going to happen.

CNN has consistently made no bones about openly flaunting their dislike for the president and his supporters; then they turn around and wonder why they get called fake news. CNN and other media outlets are supposed to inform about what’s happening in the country without bias; instead, they opine and share their personal thoughts on Trump and his supporters.

If Tapper truly has concerns about an “army of trolls,” he should look no further than the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.” Progressives are the ones who continue to mindlessly call for impeachment, hurl untrue accusations, and refuse to accept the fair results of the 2016 election.

Irony and Political Rhetoric

One of the most ironic things about the Democrat Party is that they’ll relentlessly talk about the perils of divisiveness in America. Of course, Democrats waste no time in pointing the finger at Trump and asserting that he’s the one to blame. What the left won’t do is take a look at themselves and consider how their own statements are fostering the divisiveness which they claim to abhor.

Democrats have repeatedly and shamelessly gone after Trump supporters in various fashions. Hillary Clinton did it during the last presidential election when she branded Trump supporters as “deplorables.” Other Democrats continue to go after Americans who support this president by accusing them of racism and assigning other horrible labels. Now, Jake Tapper of CNN is doing it by labeling Trump supporters as an “army of trolls.”

The left truly doesn’t learn their lessons, do they?

How do you feel about a national news outlet referring to millions of Americans as “trolls?” Sound off in the comments section below!