CNN’s Cuomo Faces His Own Sex Scandal

CNN knew of a different sexual harassment complaint against former anchor Chris Cuomo only days before he was fired, according to reports.

The Allegations are Serious

As per The New York Times, the claim was made by famed attorney Debra S. Katz, who is defending the complainant. Katz’s client is a “fellow junior coworker at some other network.”

The new charge against Cuomo is “unconnected to the Andrew Cuomo accusations.” Her client, according to the litigator, felt the need to come forward.

This happened after she was appalled by Chris Cuomo’s on-air declarations in response to allegations made against his sibling, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Katz also handles Charlotte Bennett, the second person to charge Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct. It was unclear whether this latest alleged discovery had a role in CNN’s decision to fire Cuomo on Saturday.

It’s also possible the claim was the “further evidence” mentioned in the network’s press release announcing the presenter’s dismissal.

“We had reason to fire based on the report we got concerning Chris’ conduct with his brother’s counsel,” a CNN spokeswoman told the New York Times. “When fresh claims were brought to our attention this week, we took them very seriously, but saw no reason to wait to act quickly.”

“These allegedly unnamed charges are not true,” a spokeswoman for Chris Cuomo told the Times. “If the objective in presenting these bogus and unvetted claims was to see Mr. Cuomo penalized by CNN, that may justify his unfair firing.”

This Isn’t the First Time

Cuomo would indeed be charged with sexual misbehavior for at least the second time.

Shelley Ross, a seasoned television producer, decided to go public in September, writing a guest column for The New York Times. She accused Cuomo of squeezing her buttock at a work gathering in 2005, while the two were coworkers at ABC News.

She also showed the email in which Cuomo apologized for the event. In response to Cuomo’s firing, Ross said, “It’s always unsettling to watch somebody’s fall from grace. Several people lost extremely important positions as a result of Cuomo’s sexuality issues.”

“I am relieved CNN will follow the path of history. Those who abuse women and plot to suppress or discredit those who speak out must face consequences.”

Cuomo discussed how journalists were purportedly probing charges made against him when he was a presenter for ABC News in a 2018 audio tape obtained by “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in September 2020.

“You understand, when I talk to the media, you understand, I’m always cautious, you understand?” Cuomo informed Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer.

“Do you have any idea how many f—-ing phone calls I’ve received from ABC employees claiming journalists are phoning and exaggerating on things they’ve heard about me in order to obtain articles about me since I was there?”