CNN’s Former Anchor Chris Cuomo is Back and He’s Pissed

Seven months ago, Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN for trying to use his position to help out his brother, Andrew.

At that time, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was being hit with all sorts of accusations of pushy sexual behavior and propositioning around women. Chris tipped him off about stories and ways to help handle the flak.

This apparently proved too much for the network, which let Cuomo go, despite keeping on credibly accused sexual abusers, such as Don Lemon.

Lemon is accused of grabbing a man’s genitals and rubbing his fingers around them before sticking them in his face in a Long Island bar a few years ago. That case is still pending.

In any case, Cuomo is now back after his hiatus and he’s not a very big fan of CNN.

Chris Cuomo Comes Out Swinging

Appearing on fellow “bro” Bill Maher’s show, Cuomo talked about his upcoming new show that’s going to be on NewsNation and about his podcast.

Cuomo’s new podcast is getting some attention. There’s no doubt Cuomo is a likable guy and has a good sense of humor.

This is part of why it’s a shame he was wasting it at CNN and in repeating tired liberal talking points that everybody has heard millions of times before.

The Cuomo family is very well connected in New York City Democratic politics, of course, particularly with Andrew and Chris’ father, Mario Cuomo, having served three terms as governor between 1983 to 1994.

As for Chris himself, he says being dropped by CNN kicked the stool out from under him and he felt a lack of “purpose” for “a while.” He wasn’t happy about the way he was let go and clearly found it disrespectful and unmerited.

Maher joked about how CNN is fraudulent and corrupt and Cuomo laughed before stifling a smile. There was not a lot of respect for the network in this boys’ den.

Cuomo’s Conclusion

According to Cuomo, most Americans are not politically partisan and are “free agents.” They are willing to be convinced and have their minds changed by whoever makes the strongest argument for the country and its values.

He said “respectful conversation” is the key to unlocking these people and their vote;  people of all sides shouldn’t “hate” someone for disagreeing.

I don’t know whether Cuomo simply wasn’t watching the playback on his show while he was on CNN, but it wasn’t exactly “respectful!” That’s for sure.

He also went to bat for the mainstream media, saying they’re doing their jobs and dealing with the reality of reporting when they present opinions and perspectives.

The fact is, Cuomo was putting on an opinion show; he’s a liberal personality in his media presence whether he likes it or not.

On the one hand, at least he’s owning that. On the other hand, does this guy not realize how tired even many on the left are of the copy-paste narratives?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.