College Students Triggered By Mike Pence

There is quite a bit of talk and speculation surrounding former Vice President Mike Pence these days. Americans have differing views on Pence after his fallout with former President Trump.

The two butted heads over their contrasting views about the 2020 presidential election. Thus far, there’s no indication that the pair have made amends or will ever do so.

Though Pence may be considering a 2024 presidential run. When asked about it months ago, the former vice president said he would pray about the matter with his family.

Now, Pence is making headlines for a very different reason, as reported by The College Fix.

Mayhem at the University of North Carolina

Almost a week ago, Pence delivered remarks at the university for Young America’s Foundation’s Saving America from the Woke Left. The former vice president’s speech covered a wide array of political issues that impact American life, culture, and our future as a country.

However, some students at the University of North Carolina were not happy about Pence’s presence. In fact, there were protests, with certain students opting to leave the campus. Many of those who left went so far as to say the former vice president made them fear for their safety.

Others claimed they were “disturbed” by Pence being at the University of North Carolina and criticized his role within the previous Trump administration.

Next Level Cringe

In the wake of negative reactions to Pence’s appearance at the University of North Carolina, feedback varied on social media. Many Democrats cheered on the dissent, saying those who opposed the former vice president did the right thing.

However, others said the display was cringeworthy and a tragic reflection of how far political discourse has fallen in the United States. The idea that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is automatically the enemy also took a fair amount of criticism on social media.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.