Comedian Working on Organization to Encourage Voter ID Registration

Tim Young, a political comic, is urging politicians to support his plan to assist citizens in obtaining legitimate identity documents; this comes as political battles over voting regulations heat up in Texas, as well as other Republican states.

Young, a SiriusXM radio host, announced intentions to create IDs Across America this week; IDs Across America is intended as a charitable organization that will assist potential voters with the application procedure.

The entertainer stated that he was inspired to act since leaders have done little or nothing to tackle the concerns; this has become a major topic in national debates over primary season laws.

Young remarked in an interview with Fox News that he has been wary of the narrative that there are multitudes of disaffected voters since they can’t get a voter ID. It simply feels like so many lawmakers and others are cashing in on that statement; meanwhile, no one is really doing much to solve the issue, which is a relatively simple one to solve.

Democrats Claim Voter Restrictions

Democrats have fought conservative efforts to pass voter ID laws; leftists claim that laws restricting what forms of identification are permitted are overly stringent and ultimately disenfranchise minorities. Republicans argue that rigorous voter ID rules are vital to ensure the integrity of elections.

Liberals have slammed election laws in Texas and Georgia, with President Biden citing Georgia’s recently approved bill as an instance of Jim Crow in the 21st century. A number of Texas House Democrats traveled to D.C. last week to avoid participation in a legislative session to examine a Republican-backed voting measure.

Young Believes Politicians Neglected the Issue

According to Young, the story was that people can’t get IDs. He is not certain why lawmakers believe this, why they’ve been sleeping at the wheel, or why a group like this hasn’t arisen previously.

However, Young also says it’s time to get up. He also thinks if you really want tougher election integrity standards, everybody should be able to have an ID and also have the ability to access it.

As a counterweight on regulations enacted by the GOP-controlled legislature, congressional Democrats have supported the For The People Act; this is a broad federal plan which would alter voting standards nationally.

After a GOP blockade, variations of the bill that contained voter ID requirements at the request of Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., collapsed in Congress last month. When Young initially released the plan earlier in the week, about 500 individuals joined up to help. According to the comic, he is coming close to having participants in all 48 states.

Young hopes to have an official site for the company up and running by August 1st, as well as a volunteering base of over 1,000 people. Young’s plan has the backing of Texas State Attorney Ken Paxton.

The comic described his proposal as a coordinated agreement, despite the fact that Democrats have been vocal in their opposition to voter ID laws.