Communist China’s Dictator Had a Brain Aneurysm

Xi Jinping, the dictator of communist China who is responsible for countless deaths and repression, is suffering a life-threatening brain condition.

However, he is refusing to treat it with modern medicine. Xi relies on “traditional” treatments, according to censored blog posts.

Reports on Xi’s Health Deleted by Regime Censors

The 68-year-old president of the People’s Republic of China has had a brain aneurysm since last year. However, he’s been refusing to have surgery, according to the reports now deleted by the censors of the communist Chinese government.

Xi, who is a good friend of fellow bloody dictator Vladimir Putin of Russia, is known as a proponent of traditional Chinese medicine.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese president was one of the main advocates of a campaign to export abroad “traditional options” from the Chinese folklore medicine for the treatment of coronavirus.

According to a report by Indian news agency ANI, towards the end of 2021, Xi Jinping had to be “rushed to the hospital” after doctors detected a “bulging blood vessel” inside the communist dictator’s brain.

For the time being, it remains unclear how serious his condition has been. China’s communist regime immediately detects and deletes any leaks about the health of the “supreme leader” that may appear on China’s websites or on social media.

Details about allegations that Xi prefers his brain aneurysm to be treated by “traditional” Chinese doctors are also scant.

However, the fact that censors rush to crack down on any such publications so swiftly is indicative enough of their newsworthiness.

Not unlike the case of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin – who is reportedly struggling with cancer and/or Parkison’s disease – any information about the health of the Chinese dictator has also been kept secret over the fear of all-out repression by the regime.

Xi’s Health Has Been Deteriorating

There have been other reports indicating that Xi Jinping’s health is tangibly deteriorating.

During a visit to Italy in March 2019, the Chinese Communist Party dictator needed help whenever he would try to sit down, and he was walking with an obvious limp.

On another occasion, when he was speaking before a crowd in the city of Shenzhen in 2020, Xi could be seen slowing his speech and repeatedly coughing.

The regime of Xi Jinping is increasingly running into domestic trouble, presently associated with the regime’s policy of “Zero COVID,” which resulted in draconian lockdowns with highly repressive excesses.

The bizarre, practically insane “Zero COVID” measures adopted by the Chinese government included fencing of apartment buildings and the seizing of toddlers from their parents.

Its insane social distancing rules have even led to open rioting in Shanghai, a previously unimaginable development, for the tightly controlled Chinese public.

Altercations and clashes with hazmat-suit wearing riot police in China’s largest city got revealed to the world, thanks to videos uploaded on western social media sites.

About 180 million people in China are presently in lockdown even though their districts may actually have quite low infection rates.