Connecticut Arrest Shines Spotlight on Gun Rights in America

During just this year alone, there’s been increasing animosity against the Second Amendment and gun rights in America.

The political left remains committed to blaming conservatives, gun owners, and the National Rifle Association (NRA) for various mass shootings.

Months ago, Democrats lobbied for credit card companies to start processing firearms in a way that makes tracking these purchases easier.

Left-wing states, such as New York, have likewise begun trying to put more restrictions on gun purchases. Now, gun rights in America are back in the limelight, as one woman was recently arrested after someone stole her firearm, according to Bearing Arms.

An Unexpected Arrest

A Connecticut woman with a firearms permit found herself arrested after reporting to police that someone stole her firearm from within her locked glove box in her car.

This arrest was made on the grounds that her glove box didn’t have a lock, according to law enforcement. Police in Connecticut furthermore claimed another firearm owned by the woman was found in a separate gun case without a lock.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time an arrest of this nature has been made. It’s also unlikely to be the last time.

Backlash From the General Public

The news of a woman being arrested after having her firearm stolen hasn’t gone over well for those who care about Second Amendment rights.

Many Americans who care about the right to bear arms are concerned that gun control will continue to be pushed until there are no guns left in America. Others have pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats calling for more restrictions on guns, while also failing to hold criminals accountable.

This debate continues to drag on with no clear sign of things slowing down. Many crimes committed with firearms actually happen with guns that are stolen, rather than legally obtained.

While the woman who had her gun stolen in Connecticut was arrested, there’s no word on what police are doing to find the actual thief. All things considered, whoever stole this firearm could very well go on to commit crimes with it later down the line.

This isn’t going to go away by simply focusing attention and rage towards those who legally purchase guns to defend themselves and their families. Though no one should count on the gun control movement reconsidering their strategies or the policies they’re passing into law.

What do you think about Connecticut law enforcement arresting a woman who had her firearm stolen and later reported the theft to police? Do you believe law enforcement will take any measures to help relocate the stolen gun?

Please feel more than free to let us know how you see this panning out in the comments section below.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.