Conservative States Providing COVID-19 Vaccine to At-Risk Groups

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With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s been a lot of talk and debates about which groups ought to get it first. The agenda to convince the nation of the COVID-19 vaccine’s safety has also played a role in the aforementioned conversations.

Younger politicians, particularly in Congress, have faced criticism for getting the coronavirus vaccine while older and more at-risk Americans don’t presently have access to it. However, the public vaccination of politicians is taking place as part of a PR stunt to convince Americans that this vaccine is safe.

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It’s no exaggeration to state that Americans have concerns. Both the Moderna and Pfizer coronavirus vaccinations have triggered allergic reactions, fainting, anaphylactic shock episodes, Bell’s Palsy, etc., in certain individuals.

According to Washington Examiner, elderly individuals and others who are most at-risk of coronavirus will be the first ones to receive the vaccine.

The Latest News on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Some of the Americans who are most threatened by coronavirus are those with chronic health issues and ages 65 or older. Therefore, Republican states like Tennessee, Texas, South Dakota, and Florida are ensuring that these at-risk groups are prioritized above other demographics.

In Texas, younger people who have chronic conditions that cause COVID-19 to pose a greater threat of death are also being prioritized for this vaccine. There have been debates about whether or not essential workers should be put ahead of the elderly in terms of the COVID-19 shot.

In fact, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has suggested that residents in facilities, healthcare workers, and essential workers ought to first receive the vaccination. However, the aforementioned red states have nevertheless decided to prioritize at-risk groups first. Others will follow after people 65 and above and those with chronic health issues have been vaccinated.

More Developments to Come

In the coming weeks and months, Americans can expect to hear a lot more information about the COVID-19 vaccine. As time goes on and as more Americans are vaccinated, people will see whether or not adverse side effects continue to materialize.

The latest COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress and signed by President Trump provides funding for distribution of the vaccine. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood of more Americans being vaccinated at a faster rate as time passes.

Do you agree with how conservative states are handling the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine? Do you view this vaccination as safe, despite the reported side effects and reactions? Let us know in the comments section below.