Conservatives Making a Comeback in France

Marine Le Pen, the conservative nationalist contender for the French elections in 2022, vowed to free France of President Emmanuel Macron’s harsh coronavirus regulations. She also promised to start cracking down on France’s “Talibanized” neighborhoods.

Preparations for the 2022 Elections are Hotting up

Marine Le Pen recently resigned as head of the National Rally Organization on Sunday in favor of her 26-year-old colleague Jordan Bardella. She did this in order to devote her entire attention to her presidential election campaign, describing the approaching elections as a cultural and moral choice for France.

In an address in the southern town of Frejus, Le Pen stated there would only be two options: either the dissolution of France or the healing stride that will propel France into the 3rd Millenium all around the concept of the country.

No to Massive Immagration!

Scooping up on a recurring theme in her career in politics, Le Pen pledged to combat the problems of massive immigration. She claimed these problems have resulted in the creation of narco cities and “Talibanized zones” in various regions of the country.

Nobody will be able to stop the French nation from reclaiming neighborhoods that [France’s] enemies have accepted as lost, she stated. In France, the people have the freedom to live like French citizens, Le Pen declared, threatening to put miscreants in prison and outsiders on the plane.

The nationalist contender also took a swipe at President Emmanuel Macron’s enforcement of vaccination passports in France, pointing to the country’s nine-week-long anti-vaccine rallies.

Le Pen called the vaccine passports an “assault” on liberty and an “abuse of French equality” when some people are subjected to “unwarranted social prohibition.”

France is not against vaccinations; they are just for vaccine liberty, Le Pen stated. She also believes anyone should have the accountability and freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate.

Ms. Le Pen has already been making headway in the surveys against center-left Macron. Macron has yet to declare his re-election bid, amid rising worry over the development of mass immigration in the aftermath of three high-profile Islamist terrorist incidents in France last year.

Despite his prior pro-open-borders stances, former Brexit mediator Michel Barnier has raised the issue of immigration in his campaign to become French president. Barnier is advocating for a three-to-five-year freeze on immigration from outside of the EU.

Anne Hidalgo, the leftist mayor of Paris, also entered the race for the 2022 election on Sunday. Changing climate and salaries were crucial to the Spanish-born socialist’s candidacy and she promised to adopt a communist-style “five-year plan” to decarbonize the financial sector.

Time will ultimately determine which candidate gets elected next year. The results of the election will furthermore tell whether or not France embraces the path of freedom or communism.