Conservatives Stage Massive Protest at Disney For Brainwashing Children

Many worried parents and others within the community demonstrated outside Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on Wednesday night.

They did this to oppose the Disney Company’s woke agenda, which includes promoting radical LGBTQ+ doctrine among children.

Consumer boycotts of Disney and a stop to the Democrat Party’s sexual brainwashing of young children were among the demands made by the protesters.

The massive protest at Disney’s company headquarters in Burbank was coordinated by Hold the Line, a Christian group that’s at the forefront of this week’s nonviolent march in Los Angeles.

They were accompanied by representatives of Turning Point USA, a conservative non-profit led by Charlie Kirk, who spoke out against the administration.

Hold the Line member Sean Feucht announced the group has amassed 50,000 signatures on a petition demanding that Disney cease its attempts to indoctrinate children with religious beliefs.

Actors/Actresses Are Speaking Out

Several Disney workers have spoken out against the company’s political swaying to the left.

Countless numbers of protestors gathered in front of the Disney company offices in Burbank last week, according to the group.

A woman who described herself as a Republican Disneyland employee spoke about the difficulties of working for the corporation while holding conservative views.

Some demonstrators screamed “Boycott Disney,” while others chanted “Boycott Disney.”

Internal Disney tapes that were recently leaked show Disney executives speaking openly about their aspirations to infuse extreme LGBTQ ideology into their children’s television shows and movies.

In company meetings, they discussed the importance of embracing transgenderism and the inclusion of more “queer” characters in Disney’s productions.

Additionally, Disney CEO Robert Chapek stated the corporation will continue to oppose Florida’s Parent Rights in Education Act, stating the business will work to get the law overturned.

Aside from that, the governor committed to fighting similar laws in the state that would seek to safeguard the youngest schoolchildren from being exposed to sexual and gender ideologies.

The company’s hard-left move, on the other hand, is backfiring with average Americans.

An opinion poll conducted by Breitbart News revealed more than 68 percent of general-election voters would be less willing to do business with Disney as a consequence of the studio’s strong commitment to woke LGBTQ advocacy.

Independents were more likely than Democrats to say they are less inclined to do commerce with Disney. 73 percent of Independents said they are much less interested in doing business with Disney.

Former Disney Star Cole Sprouse Speaks Out

Cole Sprouse aims to recast the narrative around child stars — and, more particularly, female child stars — in order to make them more appealing to adults.

Former child actor Cole Sprouse, who co-starred with his identical twin brother, Dylan, on Disney Channel’s television series “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” acknowledged his interactions differed from those of his female counterparts.

“The young girls on Disney we were watching were objectified at such a relatively young age, more than my brother Dylan and I.”