Controversial Physician Gets a Slot in the Biden White House

In the Biden White House, the choices of hires have been repeatedly controversial. Biden himself hasn’t been accused of having the greatest judgment.

In fact, many Americans are concerned that those working in the White House are the ones truly calling the shots and bringing harm to the nation as we know it.

Not too long ago, an energy aide working for Biden, Sam Brinton, was found to have a habit of stealing women’s luggage from airports. Eventually, the scandal from this, coupled with criminal charges brought against Brinton, led to him being let go.

This time, the Biden White House has onboarded a Dr. Fatima Stanford. However, this is generating a fair amount of controversy, due to Stanford’s remarks about obesity, per the New York Post.

Troubling Commentary From Biden’s Latest Hire

Stanford’s specialty lies in obesity medicine. However, her comments about obesity are what’s giving many Americans pause. By the doctor’s own admission, it is her view that “genetics,” rather than exercise and diet, stand as the top cause of obesity.

She’s also claimed that doctors don’t comprehend obesity and individuals with obese parents are highly likely to be obese themselves, even if they take the proper measures with diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep.

In spite of these comments, Stanford’s role in the Biden administration will involve serving on the 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

News that this person will be serving in an official capacity quickly spread via social media. Many Americans have subsequently opined that Stanford’s hiring is another example of poor judgment from Biden and his administration.

The Truth About Obesity

Thus far, the comments from Stanford directly oppose years of study, review, and claims from licensed medical professionals.

Moreover, data has consistently shown that diet, exercise, and sleep are critical factors that determine whether someone is obese or overweight.

There are also various testimonies from individuals who note the roles that diet and exercise played in them either losing weight or staying at a healthy weight.

Because of Stanford’s assertions about obesity, many Americans do not believe she’s in the position to serve on a committee that’s giving diet advice to the country.

Nevertheless, it’s been made more than clear that the White House doesn’t have a problem with Stanford’s statements about obesity or the inherent misinformation laced within them.

Like other questionable characters propped up by this administration, the current administration is showing no signs of reconsidering its decision.

What do you think about the White House hiring someone who doesn’t believe that sleep, diet, and exercise have meaningful impacts on whether or not someone is obese? You can let us know your thoughts about this latest development in the comments area below.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.