Controversy Surrounds New “Christian” Board Game Marketed as a Version of Ouija Board

Critics have called a new board game marketed as a “Christian” alternative to the Ouija board “satanic” and a “trap from the devil.”

The game, titled “The Holy Spirit Board by Holy Spirit Games – Christian Religious Talking Board for Seance with Planchette,” purports to provide participants with a direct line of communication with Jesus Christ.

Demonic Agenda

Despite its Christian branding, exorcist Roman Catholic Father Ernesto Caro of the Diocese of Monterey, Mexico, criticized the game.

Caro stated the board game is a “deviant trap” devised to deceive Catholics and Christians through religious imagery. He cautioned it is comparable to an Ouija board and could “open a door that could be perilous for you.”

Caro also cautioned that participants might believe they are in contact with God, but the demon moves the triangle on the Ouija board.

Those who purchased the game were exhorted to dispose of it as soon as possible, to go to confession, and to request God’s protection through a priest’s prayers.

Jesus on the cross, a trio of angels, a dove, and a cross can be rearranged on the Holy Spirit Board, which resembles an Ouija board.

According to the game’s Amazon description, it answers life’s most essential concerns and is a “one-way ticket to heaven.”

Opposed By The Church

No. 2116 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church categorizes the use of Ouija boards as paranormal participation and divination, which the Catholic Church opposes and condemns.

All forms of divination, including horoscope reading, astrology, palmistry, and interpretation of omens, are forbidden by the Catechism.

“The Holy Spirit Board” is a board game that purports to be a Christian alternative to the Ouija board. Critics, however, consider it to be a “trap from the devil.”

Father Ernesto Caro of the Roman Catholic Church implored those who purchased the game to dispose of it, seek God’s protection through confession, and seek a priest’s benediction.

The Catholic Church opposes and condemns the use of Ouija boards, which it labels as participation in the supernatural and divination.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.