Conversations Emerge Over America Agreeing to Send Ukraine Tanks

At this point, the world is quickly approaching the 12-month marker since Russia invaded Ukraine and thereby declared war on the neighboring nation. The foundation of this war is built on the misguided notion that Ukraine is part of Russia and therefore Russia’s for the taking.

In actuality, Ukraine is a sovereign nation that is close to Russia, but not part of Russia. Therefore, ever since February 2022, Ukrainians have been fighting back against Russia and refusing to bend the knee.

A major asset to Ukraine in this war has been western countries, such as America, sending various weapons and financial aid. Though while America initially held off on sending Ukraine tanks, this hesitation has transformed into approval for getting tanks to Ukraine.

According to Associated Press, what’s happening is not a coincidence; though it is generating some very interesting conversations.

What’s Going On?

Previously, the United States determined that getting M1 Abrams tanks over to Ukraine would pose too many logistical challenges.

This week, the Biden administration and other western countries change their tune, agreeing to get M1 Abrams tanks delivered to Ukraine as it continues the fight against Russia.

Initial reservations about these transfers dealt with the amount of necessary jet fuel said tanks required, in addition to all the training that troops in Ukraine will need to operate these machines.

However, things shifted on Wednesday when Germany agreed it would be willing to send more weaponry to Ukraine. This subsequently led to the US federal government, under Joe Biden, mirroring Germany’s approach.

However, Biden, when speaking to the media, argued he wasn’t “forced” into doing anything by the German government.

A Mixed Bag of Reactions

Like past announcements of aid going to Ukraine, there are some folks who are for it and others who are against it.

Those in the former camp questioned just how many more resources America will continue to send to Ukraine.

Many people with these concerns believe our nation is best focused on our own issues before concerning ourselves with foreign affairs. Some are even warning that repeatedly aiding Ukraine is triggering a US war with Russia via proxy.

On the other side, there are many Americans who are pleased to hear that M1 Abrams tanks are going to Ukraine to help them fight this war. Folks with this perspective have claimed investing in Ukraine’s defense is going to meet a greater goal of maintaining world peace and stability.

It’s also been said that a scenario where Russia wins the war against Ukraine would have potentially catastrophic impacts on the rest of the world. Many people with these concerns feel Russia will go on to attack other nations, if not defeated in Ukraine.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.