Cop Orgies Jolt Small Police Station, Get Multiple Officers Fire

A shocking public scandal reveals that officers of a small police station in Tennessee had wild orgies on the job, with a married female as the main character. This led to the firing of several cops.

Exposed by Tip to the Mayor

The cop orgies scandal has been revealed at the police station in La Vergne, Tennessee, a town of about 40,000 people.

The main character appears to be officer Maegan Hall, a married woman, who would have “wild sex romps” with six of her male colleagues, WTVF TV reported, as cited by The New York Post.

Not only did Hall and the six policemen have wild orgies, but they also did it while on duty.

To top it off, the La Vergne police officers involved in the group sex scheme took photos of their exploits. In some of them, Hall can be seen having oral sex with two policemen inside the station.

An internal investigation in the department in December showed Maegan Hall claimed she was in an “open marriage” and praised the size of the genitals of one of her colleagues.

The investigation caused Hall and four male officers – Detective Seneca Shields, Sgt. Ty McGowan, Sgt. Lewis Powell and Officer Juan Lugo – to be axed.

Two other policemen – Larry Holladay and Patrick Magliocco – were suspended, but allowed to keep their jobs. The internal investigation report dated December 28 showed the police orgies happened at officers’ houses and even on a boat. 

Hall was also found to have performed oral sex on Shields and Powell while they were all on duty at the police station. 

Multiple Denials and Confessions

The investigation into the cop group sex scheme started after town Mayor Jason Cole got a tip that Maegan Hall was having sex with her male colleagues. According to the tip’s specifics, she, Magliocco, and the latter’s wife had a threesome.

When Magliocco was questioned, he admitted he had sex with his female collage multiple times. He also informed the investigators Hall had bragged to him about having sex with Powell, including while they were both on duty.

When Powell himself was interrogated, he denied having been with Hall, but said everybody knew she had numerous sexual partners. He also named his colleagues McGowan and Holladay.

Powell only admitted to his own sex affair with Hall in a subsequent interview after he was exposed to have received oral sex from his colleague in the police station gym. McGowan and Holladay both admitted to their own sexual exploits with Hall when questioned.

In her own interrogation, Hall at first denied her sex affairs with Magliocco and Powell but later confessed and also revealed Lugo, too, was among her sexual partners from the station.

When questioned, Lugo also denied it initially, but caved during a second interrogation. A similar development occurred in Shields’ questioning – after his original denial, he admitted he had received oral sex from Hall.

In his confession, Magliocco said he had gotten worried that the policewoman’s mental health was deteriorating as she engaged in heavy drinking and driving.

In one case, she pointed an empty gun to her temple and pulled the trigger just to hear the sound. She herself told him she was suffering from a mental illness.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.