Cori Bush Claims to Be the Victim of Forced Abortion

Progressive Congresswoman Cori Bush claimed she went through a forced abortion at the age of 19. Bush, who is representing the first district of Missouri, noted the medical staffer ignored her pleas to stop the abortion process because she is black.

Cori Bush Had a Forced Abortion at 19

A recently released book by Bush, The Forerunner, mentions an incident where the far-left congresswoman had to undergo a forced abortion. In a recent interview with the Firing Line host, Margaret Hoover, Bush recalled her tragedy.

After entering the clinic, Bush stated, she knew what would be the exact step-by-step procedure of abortion, as she already went through it two years ago.

According to Bush, the nurse helped her lie down on the table. While she was lying there, Bush noted, she thought she forgot to tell the child’s father about the abortion.

When Bush insisted she needed more time to think about the abortion, she asked the nurse to stop the process. However, the nurse ignored her continuous requests and forcefully inserted medical equipment in her body to kill the child.  

Furthermore, Bush stated the nurse was trying to calm her by assuming she was the actual problem.

Being a far-left politician, Bush is herself an abortion activist. After the Supreme Court verdict to restrict abortion in the Roe v. Wade case, Bush claimed she would continue to campaign for abortion rights until the procedure becomes legal in every part of America.

Once the abortion process was started, Bush recalled she kept on yelling in the hope that she might find someone else in the room. However, Bush continued, when the nurse started the process, it was not possible to stop midway.

Bush Claimed to be a Victim of Racism in Forced Abortion

Hoover asked Bush why the nurses kept on ignoring her when she did not want the abortion. Bush replied she was ignored, due to prevailing racism in the healthcare sector. As per the congresswoman, she was the victim of forced abortion, due to her skin color.

Similarly, Bush claimed this is not the first time she felt discriminated against in medical treatment due to her color.

In fact, whenever she needed medical treatment, staffers told her she did not know anything about her body, so she must not intervene in the process, Bush added.

Some media outlets also established the medical staff refused to stop Bush’s abortion because she is a black woman.

As per the National Review, the major takeaway from Bush’s story is not a disrespect to pro-choice people, as the forced actions of the nurse were probably driven by racism.

However, the National Review continued, there is another possibility for which Bush could have been forced to kill her baby: the nurse wanted to profit from the operation by ignoring the feelings of the progressive congresswoman.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.