Coronavirus and the 2020 Elections are Linked

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Senator Lindsey Graham says we all know COVID-19 is fatal; although, even after over 15 months of COVID-19 changing every area of our lives, there are still many aspects of the virus we don’t understand.

Wuhan Institute of Virology main entrance

Was it a natural occurrence, a Wuhan lab leak, or a combination of the two? Do you think science has gotten politicized? Why didn’t the scientific community (most of whom raised worries about a Wuhan laboratory leak as soon as COVID-19 reached our planet) seek a further examination into their worries?

These questions become more perplexing as we understand more. In many respects, the situation surrounding COVID-19’s origins and justifications reminds us of the now-discredited Steele dossier. This dossier functioned as the legal foundation for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into then-President Donald Trump.

Former FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok chose to chase an outcome rather than follow the facts in the Steele dossier. Page and Strzok would have soon determined the Steele dossier was most likely a Russian disinformation campaign, if they’d undertaken a proper investigation.

China’s Lies and Coverups 

According to reports, our Defense Intelligence Agency has been briefed by a high-ranking defector with direct knowledge of China’s special weapons projects; this includes bioweapons projects like those at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

This individual claimed Chinese researchers are working on coronavirus variations to prove their assertion that COVID-19 leaped from bats to humans and didn’t arise from the WIV.

People all over the world want to understand where COVID-19 originated from; this is not to blame China, but to ensure that such a disaster never occurs again.

Some people disagree. Yes, we want to avert another devastating pandemic, but we should also hold China’s government accountable for the horrible misery it wreaked on the rest of the globe.

We must hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for the deaths of 3.7 million people and the suffering of millions more.

The Connection

Should COVID-19 have been brought to light as a result of a Chinese lab leak? This was the top question on Americans’ minds in the 2020 election, along with who would be up to face China. Which contender would hold China responsible for the global spread of the COVID-19 virus?

Americans might have sought a harder stance against China’s communist rule and a leader to command the charge. This would have, without a doubt, benefited President Trump far more than now-President Joe Biden.

Rather than confirming President Trump’s fears, the scientists’ early repudiation produced a picture that Trump was out of step and propagating right-wing conspiracies.

It was a story that the elitist media (which totally despises President Trump) was only too glad to help disseminate.