Coronavirus Kills Health Insurance for Millions of Americans

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COVID-19 and subsequent responses to the virus continue to have real-world impacts on millions of individuals.

Even with certain states being open for business, many Americans are still not out of the woods just yet. Jobs are coming back, but some people lost their jobs for good when business permanently closed their doors.


Coronavirus’ impact on the economy is commonly and widely recognized; however, the same cannot be said for how the virus has affected health insurance for so many people across the country.

According to Breitbart News, a grand total of 5.4 million individuals in America lost access to their health insurance because of coronavirus.

What to Know About COVID-19’s Impact on Health Insurance

Significant loss in health insurance ultimately boils down to so many Americans being laid off from their jobs. To date, many people in the nation are able to get healthcare insurance from their employers; however, this all changed when state and local governments demanded that “non-essential” businesses shut up shop.

According to a Families USA study, the loss of health insurance is the greatest in our country’s history. Much of the losses are attributed to the layoffs that Americans suffered between the months of February and May 2020.

Due to this news, the specific number of Americans who remain collectively without health insurance will remain unknown for quite some time to come. Additional information should present itself after 2020 health insurance approximations are released in 2021.

How Will This Impact the 2020 Presidential Election?

The great losses of health insurance will certainly play a role in the 2020 presidential election. Democrats and Biden allies are already using negative impacts from coronavirus to paint Trump in a negative light and deem his presidency as a failure.

However, the more people get back to work, the more people have a shot at regaining not only health insurance, but also steady employment. This is one reason why Republicans have taken such a cautious approach towards endless handouts from the government. Top GOP lawmakers also maintain that endless handouts are not feasible.

Many political pundits believe that getting the economy back on track will play a significant role in Trump winning the 2020 general election.

Are you shocked to learn that 5.4 million people lost their healthcare insurance because of COVID-19? Do you think a return of jobs will help people get insured again? Don’t hold back your views in the comments section below!