Coronavirus Task Force Dr. Birx Defends Florida Reopening Beaches

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

As certain areas across the country move to reopen, get the economy moving and back to normalcy, they are facing pushback from shutdown enthusiasts. There are some people in this country, namely Democrats and left-wingers, who favor indefinite shutdowns, despite the economic harm.

Of course, this cannot happen, hence why many Republican governors are moving to relax stay home orders and allow certain businesses to resume services.


In keeping with the tactics of the leftist mob, Florida has taken some heat over the decision to reopen its beaches. Some people have tried to make the case that such a decision is endangering lives, but the facts don’t bear this out. As a matter of face, coronavirus task force Dr. Deborah Birx has actually praised Florida’s decision and management of COVID-19, reports Breitbart News.

Birx on Florida’s Response to Coronavirus and Reopening Beaches

Yesterday, Birx praised the state of Florida for keeping updated COVID-19 information on its website; furthermore, the task force doctor explained that Florida’s data confirms that it’s OK to open beaches again. Per Birx’s own words, Florida has experienced less than 800 coronavirus cases in a month and fewer than 20 cases each day.

In additional remarks, Birx professed that state and local leaders reserve the right to review data and determine when to re-engage their economies. The doctor also encouraged elected officials to cite data when making decisions on reopening states.

Busting False Cases for Indefinite Shutdowns

There is an undeniable link between leftism and supporting indefinite shutdowns. The reality here is that shutdowns cannot last forever. When restrictions first began, they were marketed as a necessary measure to flatten the curve. In many places, the COVID-19 curve has flattened, but there are still certain people who want shutdowns to last for weeks and months longer; thankfully, shutdown absolutists will not be getting their way.


As coronavirus cases decline, measures to reopen different parts of the country will increase and rightfully so. People must return to their jobs and businesses, otherwise, there won’t be a United States of America anymore.

What do you make of Dr. Birx’s defense of Florida’s decision to reopen its beaches? Is your state also beginning to ease lockdown restrictions? Let us know in the comments section below!