Cory Booker Thinks President Trump is Scared of Him…

Democrats opened a can of worms after they jumped the gun and launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. They thought accusing Trump of a quid-pro-quo would be enough to finally get the president impeached. What they didn’t realize was that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the votes in the House; apparently, Democrats also forgot that without two-thirds of votes from the Republican-controlled Senate, impeachment goes nowhere.

In the wake of these bogus claims for impeachment, President Trump has noted that Joe Biden once bragged about a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine. As a result, Biden is running scared and now sending letters to major news networks in the attempt to censor Trump’s attorney from appearing on television.

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For some unknown reason, Cory Booker decided to jump into matters and defend Joe Biden during a Sunday interview with CNN, as documented by Townhall. In essence, Booker stated that President Trump will have to “deal with him” if Trump chooses to attack Biden.

Surely, the president must be SHAKING at the prospect of having to “deal with” Cory Booker.

A Closer Look at Booker’s Defense of Biden

When it comes to Democrats, it seems as though the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” holds water. Booker has repeatedly gone after Biden, questioned the state of Biden’s mental health, and raised doubts about the former vice president’s ability to win the 2020 election.

However, when President Trump called out Biden for the latter’s corruption involving the Ukrainian government, Booker suddenly felt the need to jump in.

Booker’s defense of Biden and message to President Trump reads as follows:

“I’ve said time and time again that this is unacceptable, that if you come after Joe Biden you’re going to have to deal with me in this case. These are baseless, unfounded, scurrilous lies plain and simple, trying to undermine the character of one of the statesman of our country, not our party but our country. So, yeah, you’ve got a problem with me.”

More on Cory Booker and the Ukraine Scandal

Rather than defending Joe Biden, Cory Booker would be much better off focusing on his own presidential campaign. After recently announcing that his campaign was low on funds, Booker barely managed to successfully gain the necessary funding to remain in the race.



The fact of the matter is that no matter how much Booker or any other Democrat rushes to Biden’s defense, he’s still corrupt. Biden didn’t have the sense not to openly brag about blackmailing the Ukrainian government and it’s come back to haunt him. The left-wing impeachment inquiry will not result in Trump’s downfall, but it just might end Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations.

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