COVID Face Masks, Gloves Pose Pollution Threat to Oceans, Marine Life

"Lost mask" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Pat M2007

Americans have been hounded into wearing personal protective equipment like face masks and even gloves in some instances. Health officials claim that these tools are necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19; however, many questions about the legitimacy of this type of advice from health officials have come up.

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Last week, MIT released a study showing that social distancing is essentially pointless, due to the means in which breath travels, even when folks are masked up. Furthermore, the vaccines that health officials continue to tout are causing adverse side effects in some folks; the federal government had to temporarily pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to the blood clots it caused.

In fresh developments from Newsmax, it turns out that face masks and gloves are now posing a major pollution threat to marine life and oceans.

The Environmental Threat of Face Masks and Gloves

Many of the interest groups that call themselves staunch environmentalists are silent about the environmental threat of masks and gloves.

According to Ocean Conservancy scientist and Dr. George Leonard, gloves and face coverings only contribute to the “8 million metric tons” of plastic that contamines oceans across the globe. Leonard furthermore warns that the collective garbage of masks and gloves could break the camel’s back regarding the pollution of water.

Dr. Deborah Brosnan has similar concerns and warnings. According to Brosnan, face masks are produced and later discarded into oceans in record numbers; this epidemic has become worse than the issues with plastic straws and therefore threaten whales, sea turtles, and other elements of nature.

The environmental threat of masks and gloves is so prevalent that conservation groups are finding tens of thousands of them after only one year since people started wearing masks and gloves.

Does Poor Mask Management Speak to A Bigger Issue?

There is no question that the environmental threat of discarded face masks and gloves is real. However, the cavalier way in which people are tossing masks aside brings up a bigger issue as well.

Politicians and health officials have claimed that face coverings play a significant role in stopping COVID-19’s spread. Therefore, some folks are now questioning why masks are not treated as bio-waste when disposed of. If masks truly stop the spread, then logic would dictate that they shouldn’t be tossed any and everywhere.

Health officials have yet to weigh in on this; however, the demand for answers may rise if masks and gloves continue posing their current environmental threat.

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