Cracker Barrel Under Fire Over Adding Plant-based Sausage to Its Menu

Cracker Barrel, today, holds a reputation as one of America’s most popular food chains. Many people go there for all sorts of meals, especially breakfast, which happens to be served all day, every day.

On top of that, Cracker Barrell is especially popular with people who love southern food. There’s no shortage of options on the menu, therefore leading the food chain to have a consistently reliable customer base.

Another big win for Cracker Barrel is the store for shopping that’s attached to each of its dining establishments.

Recently, the restaurant announced its decision to add plant-based sausage to its menu. This upset some individuals who accused the company of turning “woke,” per Washington Examiner.

What to Know About the Pushback Against Cracker Barrel

With a growing demographic of people who are into vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based foods, Cracker Barrel has decided to tap into this market by adding plant-based sausage to its menu.

However, in making this announcement, the restaurant clearly stated the traditional pork sausage will remain on the menu for all meat-lovers. Nevertheless, the company still took some backlash.

In a time of heightened culture wars, Cracker Barrel was accused of going “woke” over daring to include plant-based food on its menu. People unhappy about this new menu addition made their grievances known via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

However, other respondents praised the company, saying this new inclusion would bring them into Cracker Barrel for meals.

More From Cracker Barrel on the Menu Update

As the mixed feedback comes in, Cracker Barrel recently released a statement to the press about what drove the company to make this call.

Per the restaurant, it is consistently on a mission to expand the breakfast experience and broaden its options for customers who come in for meals.

Cracker Barrel also made a point of mentioning that meat-based sausage is not going away simply because plant-based sausage is being added.

The only thing this menu change does is expand the available options and open the door to additional consumers making their way over to the restaurant.

Coincidentally, individuals who are not fans of plant-based foods are more than welcome to simply not order them. Cracker Barrel’s public statement makes it very clear the company won’t be walking back the decision to add plant-based sausage to the menu.

On Friday, this issue went semi-viral online with Americans of all different viewpoints and perspectives weighing in.

What do you think about Cracker Barrel adding plant-based sausage to its menu? Do you believe this is a sign of the restaurant going “woke” or simply incorporating new options as a business strategy? Please let us know about all of this in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.