Crisis: Border Blown Wide Open By Biden

Agents from the Tucson sector of the border detained a human smuggler who was carrying five Mexican citizens into the interior of the United States while armed.

Agents discovered a tiny amount of methamphetamine and opioid tablets while searching the car.

The Crisis

Agents working out of the Tucson Station were called in when border camera workers noticed several migrants entering the country illegally, close to Sasabe, Arizona, and stocking up into a smuggler’s truck.

As per a post from Tucson Sector Chief Border Agent John R. Modlin, the agents located the car and detained the accused human smuggler.

Then, agents discovered a loaded firearm, meth, and fentanyl tablets while searching the car, the chief stated.

The authorities arrested the two American citizens for trafficking, possession of an illegal handgun, and narcotics trafficking. The migrants were moved for processing.

Another US human smuggler was apprehended elsewhere in the Tucson sector, according to Chief Modlin, when a sedan’s driver gave officers a chase starting at the SR-82 border checkpoint.

At a subsequent inspection location, the motorist resisted stopping.

Station Sonita

When the driver of the silver sedan lost all control and drove out into a farmer’s fence, agents chased after it. The vehicle and four Mexican nationals who were in the country illegally were detained by the agents.

More than 1,600 illegal immigrants with prior convictions were apprehended during the current financial year, according to Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officers, who raised the alarm.

The development follows the arrests of deportation sex offenders on consecutive days.

Del Rio Section Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens wrote the following:

“These two felons won’t be on our streets because of agents in the Del Rio Sector. Due to this, our agents must be out on patrol. This is our goal.”


The chief stated on consecutive days in July, his agents captured two additional criminal foreigners.

One of them, Jose Francisco Perdomo-Amador, a 61-year-old Honduran citizen, was apprehended by Brackettville Stations agents on July 12 as he tried to evade an interior check.

The agents discovered that a Dallas, Texas court found the Honduran guilty of sexual abuse in October 2017 after a record check.

He was immediately deported to Honduras in 2021 by ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officials after receiving a two-year jail sentence.

The next day, Carrizo Spring Station officers detained a Guatemalan immigrant who entered Texas illegally from Mexico with a team of four other migrants.

During the screening, officials looked into the man’s past and discovered Henry Oroxco-Miranda, 42, had been found guilty of lewd and lascivious sexual battery on the elderly and disabled by an Orange County, Florida judge.

He received a four-year state jail term from the court. In 2015, ICE agents deported him.