CRISIS – Poland Under Attack

On the Belarusian border, immigrants are approaching Polish Border Patrol with “full violence,” according to the Polish administration, coming armed with a range of homemade weapons.

This is a Coordinated Attack

“Although the figures [trying to cross] keep changing, the tactics remain the same.”

“Foreigners, already in groups, incentivized and straightforwardly aided by Belarusian forces, storm the Polish boundary with full violence,” Stanisaw Zaryn, director of the National Security Office, told Breitbart London in an alert on the immigration crisis.

“Stones and concrete rubble were delivered by Belarusians, poles, metal rods from damages border fencing are taken as weapons against the Polish Border Patrol,” Żaryn said, sharing several tweets from Polish government accounts.

These tweets are from recent days. They show the harm done to barriers by would-be illegal immigrants and video of Polish forces being battered and verbally mistreated.

Żaryn noted the “hybrid operation by the regime of A[lexander] Lukashenko, with a silent support of the Kremlin” — as Poland and its EU and NATO allies see the crisis — is persisting.

It’s persisting “regardless of the fact it has become less spectacular” than it was in November; indeed he later added the “attacks on our border have become more aggressive in recent days,” if anything.

The migration crisis on NATO’s eastern edge, which also affects Lithuania and Latvia, is widely thought to have been orchestrated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

He has permitted significant amounts of people to fly into his country as “visitors” in order to use the ex-Soviet Socialist Republic as a staging ground to cross the EU’s outer border.

Apparently, This is All Payback

This destabilizing “hybrid violence” is retaliation for the EU, Poland, and the Baltic states in general.

This especially deals with imposing sanctions on Belarus and offering asylum to Lukashenko’s detractors and opposition groups. They were stepped up after he successfully hijacked a passenger plane flying from Greece to Lithuania fairly earlier this year.

The Polish government also appears to believe Lukashenko “wouldn’t even have attempted to start organizing and perform such a massive operation against the West without the assistance of its ideological patron in the Russian government.”

The Polish government likewise believes Russia is trying to deny participation in order to position itself as an intermediary and gain compromises elsewhere.

The Poles have not succeeded in stopping every attempt trying to cross, but they have been much more rigorous than other countries in Europe. They recently confirmed they are collaborating with delegates of Iraq and Congo in the procedure involving proof of identity of those foreign nationals.

Foreign nationals have managed to illegally enter Poland from Belarus with no ID records; they have been held in custody and placed in centers kept by the Polish officials — presumably with the goal of quickly trying to deport the illegal immigrants.