Dangerous Hurricane Rips Florida Apart

Hurricane Ian, one of the strongest-ever cyclones recorded in American history, finally weakened after creating havoc in Florida. Even the weakened hurricane consists of 65mph winds, thus creating power outages for more than two million Floridians.

As the storm weakens, Florida and Georgia are facing severe threats of heavy rains, violent winds, and flash flooding that can leave many Americans in extreme distress. 

According to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, almost 2.5 million Floridians are facing evacuation orders, including 1.75 million who face mandatory evacuation orders.

Florida Faces Historic Hurricane

On Wednesday, a Category 4 hurricane consisting of winds as fast as 150mph hit Florida.

Category 4 hurricanes are made up of winds ranging from 130 mph to 156 mph, which means the Florida storm was about to enter a Category 5 hurricane. This is the most dangerous hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Hurricane Ian was so strong that sharks were seen on Florida streets. Many journalists who were covering the storm faced massive difficulties in maintaining their balance in the presence of violent winds.

However, Ian was downgraded to a Category 1 storm on Thursday morning, as the winds penetrate deep in Florida. Now, the storm is heading towards central Orlando, where it can be detrimental to theme parks, including Disney World.

Different county sheriffs are also facing difficulties in carrying out rescue operations in their administrative areas.

The Sarasota County Sheriff shared photos of destroyed properties and trees in the county, urging the administration to clear the roads from all the debris for emergency services.

Likewise, Mike Chitwood, the sheriff of Volusia County, Florida, established the complete recovery of affected people requires something never been done in the history of America.

Telecommunication Companies Take Unprecedented Steps to Help Hurricane Victims

Meanwhile, the dangerous hurricane also forced telecommunication companies to take unprecedented steps. Verizon announced the provision of free communication support to agencies dealing with public safety in the wake of the hurricane. 

Reportedly, Verizon installed free Wi-Fi hotspots, charging stations, and portable cell sites for public health safety officials.

Likewise, Verizon’s consumer Vice President, Shawn Alexander, added all customers of Verizon affected by Ian would receive unlimited texting, calling, and internet data until October 4, so they can easily communicate to plan their safety.

Furthermore, another telecommunication giant, AT&T, will not deduct overuse charges in text, calling, and internet consumption for its prepaid and postpaid customers in storm-affected areas.

In addition, T-Mobile is providing unlimited text, data, and calling services to people impacted by the hurricane through October 3.

Meanwhile, Jacksonville International Airport canceled all flights for Thursday, while NASA delayed its latest launch to the International Space Station (ISS). 

NASA was working to take four crew members to the ISS in collaboration with SpaceX. The launch was planned for Monday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but deadly hurricanes pushed the space agency to delay its plans.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.