DC Police Chief: Keep Violent Offenders Off the Streets

On Monday, Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee offered a straightforward suggestion for how the city might reduce murders: “Keep violent people in jail.”

Police Chief Has the Right Idea

At the Mayoral Public Safety Media Availability, Contee and Mayor Muriel Bowser discussed violence in the district. He answered a reporter’s query about how to deal with the city’s rising homicide statistics.

He firmly stated we should be keeping criminals with guns behind bars if we genuinely want to see murder rates drop. He explained they are unable to shoot someone in public while they are incarcerated.

Hence, that is the issue they ought to change when people keep asking what they are going to change, what they should change, or what they sorely need to change.

In an attempt to drive his point home, he stated those who are aggressive must be kept behind bars. He revealed that the average murder suspect has currently been detained eleven times before committing a murder.

That is shocking! He exclaimed this is a huge problem and he is dead right.

The nation’s capital has an issue with serial offenders. After being attacked by a homeless man earlier this month, Rep. Angie Craig, a Democrat from Minnesota, criticized the city’s political officials for their lax crime regulations. His thirteenth victim was her.

At the time, Craig stated that she was assaulted by a person the District of Columbia had not completely prosecuted over the period of almost 10 years.

Also, before she was assaulted, there were 12 victims ahead of her. She went on to say that it wasn’t even always that he received 10 or 30 days. The charges were frequently abandoned before any sort of justice was served.

For the very first time since 2003, Washington, D.C., reached 200 homicides in one year.

The apparent failure of the D.C. City Council’s effort to reduce penalties for violent crimes via changes to the penal law was one of the subjects discussed throughout Monday’s media briefing.

The crime legislation would have eliminated minimum terms for most crimes and cut maximum sentences for serious offenses like carjackings, robberies, and break-ins.

Occasionally, certain liberals opposed it after Bowser vetoed it in January, but the city council overruled her decision.

Democrats Don’t Care for Civilians

The contentious crime bill was withdrawn by D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson on Monday after the House voted to stop it. President Biden declared he would not reject Congress’ choice.

Up to 20 Democrats could join Republicans in turning against the plan in the Senate if it continues to be up for a vote. Considering that the chairman removed the bill, it’s not apparent if the Senate may still vote on it as a show of support.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.