Defense Department Rejects DC’s Appeal For Help With Illegal Immigrants

Amid the Biden administration’s time in power, illegal immigration has rapidly spiraled out of control. The present White House refuses to put in place serious reforms to uphold the country’s immigration laws; therefore, border states such as Texas and Arizona are left to suffer.

However, these states are now pushing back against the Biden White House’s inaction. As illegal immigrants make their way into these border communities, they’re being dispatched over to left-wing strongholds, such as Washington DC.

This prompted complaints from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. However, Bowser hasn’t accepted an invitation from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to see what all the state is up against with migrants.

However, the Democratic mayor did take the liberty of asking the Department of Defense to help the community handle illegal immigrants being shipped in from Texas and other border communities.

As documented by The Blaze, this request was recently denied.

DC Out of Luck?

On Friday, the Defense Department essentially informed Bowser that it wasn’t going to provide DC with any additional support.

According to the agency, SAMU First Response funding gives DC the necessary access to support systems like humanitarian relief, shelter provision, and individual services.

Essentially, the Department of Defense’s view is that if Bowser is struggling with the amount of migrants coming into her city, the SAMU First Response is where she should turn.

Bowser previously appealed for the National Guard to also come in and expressly take a load off the city’s back. That’s not going to be happening, either.

In fact, the DC mayor should get used to seeing more and more migrants in her city. Abbott is already on record saying he’ll continue bussing migrants to the nation’s capital until the Biden White House gets serious about cracking down on illegal immigration.

Double Standards?

When Texas and Arizona were faced with illegal immigration (before their decisions to relocate migrants), there was not a word from DC, New York City, or other left-wing communities.

However, since these communities are now getting a firsthand taste of what illegal immigration entails, there’s less rhetoric from left-wing leaders about sanctuary cities and welcoming residents of all immigration statuses.

Abbott suggested that rather than Bowser directing her anger towards border states being overrun with illegal immigrants, she should instead call upon the president of her party to crack down against illegal immigration.

Thus far, this is a step the DC mayor has yet to employ.

Are you surprised the Department of Defense turned down the request from the DC mayor for outside help dealing with illegal immigrants? What steps do you think the left-wing mayor will take as a means of keeping ahold of things? Please share in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.