Déjà Vu All Over Again: Monkeypox Cases Soar as US Hits #1

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the US in early 2020, authorities were slow to come up with an effective response on how to address the disease. Now, history repeats itself with the arrival of monkeypox.

The delay in launching tests to detect the virus is one point of concern, but that’s not all. The actual amount of cases is estimated to far surpass the number of cases officially announced.

Are we facing a new pandemic and a new justification for lockdowns and big government stupidity?

America is #1 in Monkeypox

The United States used to be #1 in what mattered: greatness. Now, under Joe Biden and his extremist Democrat Party, America is increasingly winning all the worst awards.

That currently means leading the world in cases of people who contracted the monkeypox virus.

Since May of this year, almost 7,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the virus. The true number is estimated to be much higher.

Monkeypox was already discovered more than half a century ago in Africa in 1958. It is not an entirely new virus; so it’s unclear why the billions upon billions in our medical and epidemiology departments were not more prepared to deal with this new wave.

What’s clear is they weren’t prepared and we’re now gearing up for another blue state bonanza of fearmongering and big government buffoonery.

Monkeypox Spreading Rapidly

Now, the new virus has been spreading rampantly, already reaching more than 80 countries, most of which never registered the disease before.

Remembering it’s not possible to have accurate knowledge of how many cases exist in the world, due to inadequate testing, we know the actual infection rate is far higher than currently known.

The virus is not highly lethal, but leaves many damaging remnants, such as scars and severe pain, due to the numerous blisters the virus causes in the body of the infected person.

Top medical expert Lawrence Gostin, who works at Georgetown University, says this is a similar situation to prior to COVID and we aren’t adequately prepared at all.

Other field leaders, such as Jared Auclair Ph.D., say unless strong action is taken as soon as possible, we could be looking at a similar situation to the late 1980s when the HIV/AIDS epidemic reached extremely high rates.

Too Little, Too Late

Recently, Biden’s administration has been committed to fighting the virus, but has begun to act too late. Just seeing the growing number of cases and the chaos in the country makes that clear.

The virus mainly spreads by physical and sexual contact and has mainly been presented among sexually active gay males. Symptoms of the disease are fever, swollen glands, and painful, advanced rashes.

At this point, the Biden administration needs to get very serious about stopping this, instead of just telling gay people they can still attend sex parties in order to not sound prejudiced.

Enough is enough.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.