Democrat Mayors Making US Cities Dirty, Miserable Places

It is hardly a surprise or anything new, but the fact Democratic Party mayors are turning American cities into miserable places pining for their former glory and quality of life has been exposed anew in fresh city rankings.

These rankings show the five dirtiest US cities are Democrat-run and so are the cities with the highest homicide rates.

Almost as Though Democrats Are Doing It Deliberately

Evidence that Democratic local authorities are failing across the board is hardly surprising.

Thus, a new study which was published at the end of last week by LawnStarter, an online marketplace company, shows the top five of the “dirtiest” cities in America have Democratic mayors, Fox News reported.

The study looked into the 152 biggest American cities and measured each one of them based on four categories: pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.

The first category looked into greenhouse gas emissions and air quality, among other factors. The second considered metrics such as what share of a city’s homes had rats or mold.

The third category was about waste regulations and output. The fourth questioned what percentage of the dwellers considered their city to be dirty.

The top five spots in the ranking were occupied by Houston, Texas, Newark, New Jersey, California’s San Bernardino, Detroit, Michigan, and Jersey City, New Jersey.

Houston, the dirtiness champion, scored third on pollution, fourth on bad living conditions, 12th on poor infrastructure, and 34th on the lack of consumer satisfaction.

The study also cited US Census Bureau data showing Houston was third in terms of large factories’ greenhouse gas emissions and has America’s biggest cockroach problem.

Since 2015, the Texas city has been run by Democrat Sylvester Turner, who in 2019 won reelection with a narrow victory in an election with a turnout of less than 20%.

New Jersey’s Got Two in the Top Five

New Jersey’s Newark scored the third spot in the lack of consumer satisfaction and fifth in poor living conditions. It has been run by Democratic Mayor Ras Baraka for three terms now, since 2014.

San Bernardino, California, got ranked No. 1 in terms of pollution, as well as consumer dissatisfaction. Since 2022, it has been run by Helen Tran who was endorsed by the Democrat Party.

Detroit, Michigan, came in fourth in the bad consumer satisfaction ranking and ninth in pollution. It has been governed for three terms now, since 2014, by Democrat Mayor Mike Duggan.

New Jersey’s second city in the top five, Jersey City, was ranked second in poor living conditions, and 15th in consumer dissatisfaction. Since 2013, it has been governed by Democratic Mayor Steven Fulop, also a three-term mayor who recently said he wouldn’t seek reelection in 2025.

The study showed the cleanest city in America was Virginia Beach, which is run by Republican Mayor Robert Dyer.

Last month, another study found the cities with the highest homicide rates in America are also governed by Democrats: Atlanta, Baltimore, and Detroit.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.