Democrat National Convention Tentatively Cancelled Due to COVID-19

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Due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus, social distancing and avoidance of large gatherings are strongly recommended guidelines from the CDC. These measures are ultimately intended to flatten the curve and lessen the chances of COVID-19 spreading to uninfected individuals and those with a higher risk of contracting the virus.


Now, breaking reports from Fox News confirm that this year’s Democrat National Convention may be cancelled. While the cancellation remains tentative, Americans should brace themselves…and the Republican National Convention may also be on the chopping block.

What to Know About the Possible Cancellation of the Democrat National Convention

Top Democrats are currently concerned about the ramifications of holding the convention as COVID-19 remains very much a problem. While Joe Biden is more than eager for the Democrat National Convention to occur on July 13-16 as scheduled, there’s a very real possibility of this not happening.

DNC Committee communications director Katie Peters has also warned that plans for the event are still “[taking] shape.” In a statement, Peters informed that Democrats will continue to communicate steps forward with Americans and noted the ongoing exploration of “contingency options.” These options are ultimately designed to prevent what Peters described as “unnecessary risk to public health.”

How Might a Convention Cancellation Impact Biden’s Campaign?

Joe Biden is already having a tough enough time in the 2020 presidential election; there’s no doubt that a cancellation of the Democrat National Convention would only further derail him. Still, certain leading Democrats have expressed doubt about the convention even taking place, due to COVID-19.


The event, although not yet cancelled, was originally set to take place in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a critical swing state that President Trump won in 2016, hence Democrats’ interest in shifting support back to their own party.

Do you think the Democrat Party should scrap their planned convention in the wake of coronavirus? How do you believe a cancelled Democrat National Convention would impact the 2020 presidential election? Let us know in the comments section below!