Democratic Party Jolted by Major Shock as Key Figure Quits Over ‘Cowardly Wokeness’

The Democrat Party has been dealt a severe public blow.

Outspoken leftist activist Tulsi Gabbard, one its most prominent faces and a former congressmember, just left it with a bang, slamming its “cowardly wokeness” and its essence as an “elitist cabal.”

Democratic Critic Self-Compromised by Pro-Putin Lies

Tulsi Gabbard was a member of the US House of Representatives from Hawaii between 2013 and 2021.

She is a US Army Reserve officer and the first female combat veteran to ever run for president of the United States. In 2004-2005, Gabbard was deployed with the US military in Iraq, followed by a deployment in Kuwait in 2008-2009.

She also served as the Vice Chair of the Democrat National Committee between 2013 – 2016. After failing to come even close to clinching the 2020 presidential nomination of the Democrats, Gabbard has been increasingly critical of her own party.

However, she also tangled herself in controversies by making Twitter posts supportive of Russia and its murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.

Gabbard wound up accusing the United States of standing with the freedom-loving US allies in Eastern Europe, thus supporting the narrative that those nations are doomed to be dominated by Moscow.

In April 2022, even after Putin illegally invaded Ukraine, Gabbard parroted Russian propaganda lies used by Moscow to justify its nauseating war.

Those included the claim the United States created some kind of a vast network of bioweapon laboratories all over Ukraine and tested drugs on Ukrainian soldiers to produce “superhuman” troops and exterminate Russia’s population.

Gabbard bought so much into Putin’s lies that she claimed there were 25-30 US biolabs in Ukraine.

Democratic Party Fully Subjugated by Woke Cabal

In a barrage of tweets on Tuesday morning, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard made the announcement that she is quitting the Democrat Party. She explained the reasons for her move by putting forth scathing criticism of her former colleagues.

Her departure still had pro-Russian overtones as she insisted the Democrat Party and, by implication, President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden, “dragged” America “even closer to a nuclear war.”

Yet, the main focus in Grabbard’s criticism of the Democrats appeared to be the party’s shift towards Marxist-Communist wokeness, The Daily Mail reported. Gabbard argued the Democrat Party succumbed to “cowardly wokeness” and had been “stoking anti-white racism.”

Gabbard also spoke about her decision to quit being a Democrat in the first episode of a new podcast that she launched.

In her words, the party has fallen under the total domination of “an elitist cabal of warmongers” who “divide” Americans by “racializing” every single issue.

She argued today’s Democrat Party stands solely for its own powerful elite and certainly not for a government “by and for the people.”

Gabbard’s conclusion was those “independent-minded” and “common sense” Democrats who could no longer stand the “woke Democrat Party ideologues” should abandon the party right away.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.