Democrats Have No Money to Spend on Midterms Anymore

Democrats are running out of money to spend on the midterm election races, which could help Republican candidates to win their elections.

Many Democratic strategists are forced to ignore some important House and Senate races, due to the lack of funds.

Dems Drying Up Their Campaign Accounts

According to the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Tim Persico, he is unable to assess whether the party would be able to fund Democratic politicians in different election races in this year’s midterm elections.

Persico also added that Republicans are outspending Democrats in almost all the election races, which is urging Democrats to pick and choose only critical races for election campaigning.

Furthermore, Persico insisted Republicans are getting donations from big corporations and billionaires, while Democrats are struggling to get this type of support in their elections.

Reportedly, many Democratic candidates in contested midterm races are facing a shortage of advertisement budgets, which is decreasing their chances of election victory.

Persico added no Democratic candidate is completely out of the elections, as per the internal polling of the Democrat Party. However, there are some prevailing concerns among Democrats about the credibility of their internal polls.

In the 2020 election cycle, internal polls of the Democrat Party suggested the party would lose a maximum of three House seats in the worst-case scenario, but they ended up losing 13 seats, even though Biden won the election.

Another anonymous Democratic election strategist established the inability of Democrats to fund all congressional races at the same time would make the real difference in deciding the fate of Congress next month.

October is the Most Critical Month in Midterm Election Campaigns

American political parties usually spend a significant amount of money in October. This is considered the best time to persuade swing voters, who make up their minds just before the elections.

Now, as Democrats are facing the funding problem, Republicans are expected to impress swing and Independent voters, who could play a decisive role in winning a congressional majority for the GOP.

Some election strategists also suggested it is not uncommon for political parties to claim they are short of funds before the midterm elections.

Political parties intentionally do this to persuade their donors who are on the line to make donations, but reluctant to do it for some reason.

Democratic politicians are also aware of the inability of their party to fund important races. North Carolina Democrats already slammed their party for not spending money on the Senate race in the state, claiming it could help the Republicans in winning the Senate majority.

Meanwhile, the president of the Republicans’ largest super PAC, Dan Conston, claimed the GOP is looking to expand spending in the competitive races.

This would push Democrats to take risky decisions, as they would have to ignore some of the seats, due to lack of funds, Conston added.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.