Democrats in the Hot Seat Over Meeting With Cuba’s Leader

Across the United States, there are many concerns about how Democrats have chosen to embrace leadership, as of late. Much of this leadership entails freezing out the other side and ignoring warnings about various policy agendas.

Joe Biden himself has also taken heat for the way he’s chosen to handle energy, foreign policy affairs, and interactions with various world leaders.

The US president’s decision to push OPEC+ for lower oil prices ahead of the midterms was widely condemned as an unnecessary political stunt, especially given America’s ability to domestically generate oil.

Now, various members of the Democrat Party are under fire for meeting with the dictatorial leader of Cuba, as the Associated Press points out.

The Poor Optics of It All

Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan, James McGovern, and Troy Carter each met with President Miguel Díaz-Canel of Cuba, along with other government leaders.

The lawmakers took to Twitter to announce that “bilateral relations” improvements were agreed to. Though for the most public, the general public didn’t get a fully transparent review of what the conversations entailed.

Many residents of Cuba, however, are fleeing the nation, due to its social, economic, and political catastrophes.

Thus far, it remains unclear if Democratic lawmakers brought up the extent to which Cuba’s national problems are impacting illegal immigration on the international stage.

This is important because, under the current administration, illegal immigration to the United States continues to skyrocket with no clear sign of slowing down.

Cozying Up to Dictators

For as much as Democrats talk about the importance of democracy, Cuba’s Díaz-Canel is far from a leader who respects this sentiment.

The left wing has been very vocal about the danger that occurs when democracy isn’t adhered to; though somehow, this was not taken into account when Pocan, McGovern, and Carter each chose to sit down with leaders of Cuba.

Here in the United States, there are more than enough problems for our leaders to contend with. It is also for this reason that some Americans feel Democratic lawmakers’ time would be best spent here in the United States working on domestic issues.

Nevertheless, social media users weighed in with their thoughts about US lawmakers meeting with Cuba’s dictatorial president. It remains to be seen what comes from this meeting and how it impacts Americans here at home who are up against some very real challenges.

These challenges are ironically ones that many Democrats have shied away from addressing.

What do you think about Democrats in the House of Representatives choosing to meet with Cuba’s dictatorial president? Do you believe this meeting is going to have any positive, tangible impacts on the lives of the American people? Please let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.