Democrats Love Vaccination Passports – Here is the Proof…

According to a White House official, the Biden government is taking baby steps toward forcing practically all international tourists to the United States to be immunized against the coronavirus.

Vaccination Passports for Foreigners!

The provision would be part of the government’s planned effort to lift restrictions on travel for foreign visitors. As intergovernmental working committees investigate how or when to safely resume routine travel, no deadline has been set.

With a few exemptions, all foreign residents coming into the country are likely to need to be immunized against COVID-19 at some point. The individual spoke on the requested anonymity in order to give a sneak peek at the policy in the works.

Due to the development of the delta version of the virus, the Biden government has maintained restrictions on travel; these restrictions have severely limited overseas visits to the United States.

Non-U.S. citizens who have visited China, the European Schengen region, the U.K., Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, or India in the previous 14 days are not allowed to come to the United States. Irrespective of immunization status, all visitors to the United States must present documentation of a negative COVID-19 test done within three days of arrival.

The Biden government has been under fire from impacted allies, the aviation industry, and individuals who have been split from family members as a result of the measures. Many people have argued that the travel bans don’t represent the current viral scenario, especially since caseloads in the United States are higher than in most of the banned countries.

Vaccination Passports for Californians!

Similar to the one unveiled in New York Municipal a day later, Los Angeles city legislators submitted a bill on Wednesday demanding an immunization requirement for indoor public areas, such as cafes and cinemas.

Nury Martinez, the speaker of the City Council, introduced the new legislation on Twitter, stating that so many Los Angelenos came up and did their bit. Those who refuse to do their part should not be punished with restrictions.

Martinez and councilman Mitch O’Farrell introduced legislation that would direct this same attorney general to formulate a directive requiring people 16 and up to have gotten at least one dosage to enter interior public areas. This is all throughout the metropolis, but is not restricted to eateries, pubs, retail outlets, gyms, spas, and tourist sites.

The city’s plan came just after NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an order mandating consumers and workers to provide proof of immunization before entering indoor public venues such as cafes, gyms, and cinemas. Authorities in San Francisco stated on Tuesday that they were mulling a similar directive.

As fresh information regarding the delta variant becomes available, the newest round of limitations comes amid a large increase in COVID-19 cases across the country. Many communities have reacted by renewing mask laws that apply to everyone, regardless of immunization status.